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damaged by sea water, or which circumstances oblige him to sell
immediately. He must certify the correctness of all accounts for
repairs, and is responsible to those concerned for all expenses incurred.
State Consuls must report all particulars as above to the Section
for Commercial Shipping, forwarding legalised copies of the sea-protest
and of the " protocol" drawn up in book No. 6в. Elective Consular
Officers report to their State Consul.

In cases of shipwreck or damage to Finnish vessels, the procedure
in average is undertaken by the local authorities as already
mentioned. The Consul must send a legalised copy of the "protocol"
to the Governor-General of Finland.

When an accident occurs at a distance from the residence of
the Consul, he must satisfy himself that the captain has acted in
conformity with the general regulations—that is to say, that he has
made a declaration at the nearest port, either before a Notary Public
or some other authority, upon oath, giving all particulars of the
accident, the damage done, and the quantity of cargo jettisoned, if

The Consul must take charge of the crew of a shipwrecked vessel.
He is authorised to supply their immediate wants, to provide them
with clothes, boots, &c., and with money for their maintenance and
for their conveyance by the cheapest route, either overland or by
sea, to the nearest Russian Consulate on the way to Russia, if war
or any other circumstance prevents their being sent to that country
by a direct sea-route. Members of the crews of shipwrecked Russian
vessels, if they are sent home as passengers, either overland or by
sea, must be provided by the State Consul who sends them with
passports to enable them to enter the country ; but if it is possible
to enrol them in the crew-lists of homeward-bound Russian vessels,
passports are not necessary.

Elective Consular Officers report all cases of this nature to their
State Consul, forwarding accounts and vouchers for all expenses
incurred, e.g. for board and lodging, for articles of clothing, money
advanced, &c., and the State Consul reports to the Ministry of Marine
if the men belonged to a man-of-war ; to the Section for Commercial
Shipping if they belonged to a Russian merchant vessel, and
to the Governor-General of Finland in the case of the crew of a
Finnish ship.

(В.) If an agreement exists on the subject of shipwreck or damage
to vessels between Russia and the State in which the Consul resides,
he is bound not only to observe the Consular Regulations mentioned
in section (A), but also the terms of such agreements. The
stipulations of these agreements are more or less detailed. Thus, the
Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between Russia and Austria
of the 2nd/i4th September i860 only contains a short paragraph
dealing with the right of intervention on the part of Russian Consular
Officers in cases of shipwreck of Russian vessels. This paragraph
(Art. 11) is as follows: " If the owner or the captain of the damaged
vessel, or an agent of the said owner, is not on the spot, or if, being

§ 338.
Average of

§ 339.
to crew.

§ 340.

§§ 338, 339.


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