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PROHIBITED ARTICLES. p. ix., сн. vii.

of such suckers by private persons, subject to the observance of such
precautionary measures as the aforesaid Minister may prescribe.
The Minister of Agriculture and Imperial Domains is empowered to
permit, at his own discretion, and subject to such conditions as he
may fix, the importation of one-year-old suckers of European varieties
of vines.

15. Potatoes of American origin, also skins, leaves and waste of
such potatoes, as well as kinds of receptacles, such as boxes, sacks
and the like, which have served as means for covering or packing
potatoes during importation.

Note.—The importation into Russia, by sea, of potatoes of
non-American origin, or of skins, leaves, and waste of such potatoes, or
of any kind of receptacles, such as boxes, sacks and the like, which
have served as means of covering or packing the same, is permitted,
subject, however, to the condition that the shipment of the articles
in question is accompanied by a certificate of the Local Authorities,
specifying the locality from which the articles have come, and attesting
that such locality is free from the Colorado beetle.

16. All preparations of pork, except lard.

Note i.—The importation into Russia of samples of foreign
products of pork is permitted in such quantities as are absolutely necessary
for the purpose of enabling persons who propose to engage in the
exportation of pork, to judge of these samples by personal inspection ;
however, the permission is conditional upon the production, in each
separate case, of a certificate of the Minister of Agriculture and
Imperial Domains, attesting that it has been necessary to procure the
said samples from abroad.

Note 2.—The Minister of Internal Affairs is empowered, in
concurrence with the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Agriculture
and Imperial Domains, to prohibit the importation of swine from such
places abroad as shall be deemed to be unsafe by reason of the
prevalence in those places of swine diseases which might be
prejudicial either to the public health or to the swine-rearing industry.
Concerning such measures as he may adopt in reference to this matter,
the Minister of Internal Affairs shall report to the Governing Senate,
with a view of their being brought to the public notice.

17. Comestibles and beverages containing artificial sweetening

Note.—As a temporary measure, and until this question shall have
been determined by means of legislation, it is prohibited to import into
Russia vegetable conserves of any kind containing any quantity
whatever of muriate of copper.

18. Foreign spirituous beverages.

This prohibition applies to the Murman coast of the Government
of Archangel.

19. Vessels with double bottoms.

20. Corks bearing the marks of foreign mercantile firms, imported
separately from the bottles.

21. Aniline dye (known as " fuchsine," or under any other name)
not in crystals, but in the form of paste, pieces, or powder.

22. Liquid yeast, for sale.

§ 381.

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