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RULES TO BE OBSERVED, &c. P. x., Сн. vi.

in the manufacturing industry. The agent himself in such cases must
take out a first-class clerk’s licence 135 to 40 roubles:.

In Finland there is no tax on commercial travellers, and there are
no fees or taxes payable by local agents for trading licences or for the
right to sell goods of foreign origin.

Trade certificates can be obtained and paid for by foreign
commercial travellers from the customs authorities on the Russian frontier.
Trade certificates may be issued in the name of those persons who
proceed to Russia, and in such cases they need not procure personal
certificates in their own name.

Commercial travellers who are Hebrews had, up to 1904, to pay
a tax amounting to 500 roubles and not 150 roubles for their trade
certificates. However, the Commercial Conventions concluded
between Russia and Germany, France and Austria-Hungary, have
introduced a change in this rule, providing that with regard to the issue
of trade certificates and to the amount of the tax levied for them, no
difference will be made as to the religion to which the said merchants,
manufacturers, persons engaged in industries, and commercial travellers
belong. In the same way, no difference will be made with regard to
the religion of the interested persons as to the time the Consular visa
on the passports holds good, which is 6 months (the validity of the
visa on the passports of Jewish commercial travellers was previously
3 months).

The representatives of foreign commercial houses, arriving in Russia
exclusively for purchasing goods, are not subject to the law relating
to trade certificates and consequently have not any tax or rates to pay
whatsoever. It may be, however, noted that the law in this respect
makes a difference as to the Jews. Section 828 of the 9th Vol. of the
Code namely mentions that the aforesaid right is conferred on such
foreign Jews, who are known through their social position and the
importance of their commercial undertakings and who arrive in Russia
only temporarily in order to purchase and export Russian products,
on condition that they are provided with Trade Certificates prescribed
for commercial enterprises of the 1st category and have obtained each
time a special permission from the Ministers of the Interior, Foreign
Affairs and Trade Industries.

A foreign commercial traveller, who represents several commercial
firms, must, in order to carry on operations in Russia, have one Trade
Certificate in his own name for personal business of the fourth category
1 Schedule 5 annexe to the Section 368 of the Regulations, relating to
Direct Taxation) ; each of the firms on whose behalf he arrives in
Russia must take out a trade certificate for commercial enterprise
of an amount not less than 150 roubles.

Commercial travellers provided with the proper certificates can
only carry with them samples and models, but no goods.

Articles liable to customs duty, imported by the said persons or
commercial travellers as samples or models, are admitted free of import
or export duty, on condition that these articles are re-exported within
one year and that the identity of the articles imported and re-exported
cannot be doubted. In order to be allowed these facilities, commercial
travellers must produce their certificates to the customs authorities

§ 388.

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