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(1924) [MARC] Author: Robert Eugen Zachrisson - Tema: Textbooks for schools
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C.: I will pay for it when it
comes home. My address is
8 Storgatan.
C.: Have you any lounge
suits that would fit me? How
long would it take to make a
shooting suit for me (to
S. A.: About a fortnight, sir,
as it is our busy season now.
Otherwise we could let you
have it in a week.
Sih: Ai wil p’ei får it wen
it kamz h’åom. Mai ĕdr’es iz
’eit st’oĕgahtan.
Sih: Hav jo eni 1’aunzj
siohts dhĕt wod fit mi? H’au
Tang wod it t’eik tĕ meik
ĕ sj’ohting sioht få mi’ (té
’Es ’ei: Eb’aut ĕ fahtnait,
so, ĕz it iz auĕ b’izi s’ihzn
n’au. ’Adhĕwaiz wi kod let jo
h’äv it in ĕ w’ihk.
37. At the Dressmaker’s. 37. Et dhĕ dr’esmeikĕz.
Yesterday I went to the
dressmaker to have my dress
fitted. I think I shall be very
pleased (satisfied) with it when
it is finished. It looks so well
cut, and the skirt hangs
beautifully. The sleeves were rather
loo tight, but she soon altered
The blouse she is making
for me at the same time, I
was not at all pleased with, as
it was too tight across (in) the
chest, and too low in the neck,
but she pinned it up on the
shoulders, and assured me it
would be quite to my liking
and fit properly when it was
She has also promised to
alter the pale grey dress (frock)
I had last summer, and make
J’estĕdi ai went tĕ dhĕ
dr’esmeikĕ tĕ hav mai dr’es
f’itid. Ai th’ingk ai själ bi v’eri
pl’ihzd (s’ätisfaid) widh it wen
it iz f’inisjt. It l’oks såo w’el
k’at, ĕn dhĕ sk’öht h’ängz
bj’ohtifuli. Dhĕ sl’ihvz wö
r’ahdhĕ t’oh t’ait, bet sji s’ohn
’åhltĕd dhĕm.
Dhĕ bl’auz sji iz m’eiking
få mi ĕt dhĕ s’eim t’aim, ai
wåz nåt ĕt ’åhl pl’ihzd widh,
ĕz it wåz t’oh t’ait ĕkr’åhs (in)
dhĕ tsj’est, ĕn t’oh l’åo in dhĕ
n’ek, bet sji p’ind it ’ap ån
dhĕ sj’åoldĕz, ĕnd ĕsj’oĕd mi
it wod bi kw’ait tĕ mai l’aiking
ĕn fit pr’åpĕli wen it wåz
Sji hĕz ’åhlså pr’åmist tĕ
’åhltĕ dhĕ p’eil gr’ei dr’es (fr’åk)
ai h’äd l’ahst s’amĕ, ĕn m’eik

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