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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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amount to more than a hundred, which is not
considerable, compared with the population, upwards of eight
hundred thousand. Should I pass through Christiania,
on my return to Gothenburg, I shall probably have an
opportunity of learning other particulars.

There is also a House of Correction at Christiania for
trifling misdemeanours, where the women are confined
to labour and imprisonment even for life. The state
of the prisoners was represented to the prince, in
consequence of which he visited the arsenal and House
of Correction. The slaves at the arsenal were loaded
with irons of a great weight; he ordered them to bo
lightened as much as possible.

The people in the House of Correction were
commanded not to speak to him; but four women,
condemned to remain there for life, got into the passage,
and fell at his feet. He granted them a pardon; and
inquiring respecting the treatment of the prisoners, he
was informed that they were frequently whipped going
in, and coming out, and for any fault, at the discretion
of the inspectors. This custom he humanely abolished,
though some of the principal inhabitants, whose
situation in life had raised them above the temptation of
stealing, were of opinion that these chastisements were
necessary and wholesome.

In short, everything seems to announce that the
prince really cherishes the laudable ambition of
fulfilling the duties of his station. This ambition is
cherished and directed by the Count Bernstorf, the
Prime Minister of Denmark, who is universally
celebrated for his abilities and virtue. The happiness of

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