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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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boy to order horses on the road to be ready, for I was
unwilling to remain there a day without having
anything to detain me from my little girl, and from the
letters which I was impatient to get from you.

I began to expostulate, and even to scold the pilot,
for not having informed me of his ignorance previous
to my departure. This made him row with more force,
and we turned round one rock only to see another,
equally destitute of the tokens we were in search of to
tell us where we were. Entering also into creek after
creek which promised to be the entrance of the bay we
were seeking, we advanced merely to find ourselves
running aground.

The solitariness of the scene, as we glided under the
dark shadows of the rocks, pleased me for a while; but
the fear of passing the whole night thus wandering to
and fro, and losing the next day, roused me. I begged
the pilot to return to one of the largest islands, at the
side of which we had seen a boat moored. As we drew
nearer, a light through a window on the summit
became our beacon; but we were farther off than I

With some difficulty the pilot got on shore, not
distinguishing the landing-place; and I remained in the
boat, knowing that all the relief we could expect was
a man to direct us. After waiting some time, for
there is an insensibility in the very movements of these
people that would weary more than ordinary patience,
he brought with him a man who, assisting them to row,
we landed at Stromstad a little after one in the

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