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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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56. Some words of this declension allow a j or v to creep
in before terminations which begin with a vowel, not however
j before i, rarely v before u. This seems to be a remnant of
terminations in i or u which were originally in these words.

57. The inserted letter v protects a preceding ö (or au)
from changing into a or á (see § 32) if it terminates in a it
has the same effect as u. In the Plural of the Fem. the in
serted v takes the old termination in ar
Sing. Nom. frœ (fræ) saungr̓ ör
Acc. frœ saung ör
Dat. frœvi saungvi öru (ör)
Gen. frœs saungs örvar
Plural Nom. frœ saungvar örvar
Acc. frœ saungva örvar
Dat. frœvum (om) saungum (om) örum (om)
Gen. frœva; saungva; örva.

58. The inserted letter j requires the Masculine to drop
the entire termination (ji) in the Sing. Dat. and to take in
the plural ir Acc. i. but the feminine always takes the ar, so
that it terminates in jar, as;
Sing. Nom. nes (neck of land) dreingr̓ ben (wound)
Acc. nes dreing ben
Dat. nesi dreing ben
Gen. ness dreings benjar
Plural Nom. nes dreingir benjar
Acc. nes dreingi benjar
Dat. nesjum dreingjum benjum
Gen. nesja; dreinja; [[** da: dreing!ja **]] benja.

59. But there are a number of masculines with simple vowels
or consonants before , [[** dansk har apostrof før r, se komm. avsn 54 **]] which also drop the i in the Sing. Dat.
who take in the Nom. and Acc. Plur. ir, and i without
inserting j — equally a number of fem. ending in -íng, -úng or
in [[** dansk har apostrof før r **]] (or i) which take ar in the plural without the insertion
of either v or j as:
Sing. Nom.dalʼr (dale) drottníng (queen) veiðʼr (veiði) (chase, hunt)
[[** her oppstår avviket pånytt ; ut fra forklaringen ovenfor må ’r være settefeil for r͗: men tilsvarende i dansk, se kommentar pkt 54 **]]
Acc. daldrottníngveiði
Dat. daldrottnínguveiði
Gen. dalsdrottníngarveiðar
Plur. Nom. dalirdrottníngarveiðar
Acc. dalidrottníngarveiðar
Dat. dölumdrottníngumveiðum
Gen. dala; drottnínga;veiða.

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