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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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68. Like tre are declined kne; two words hle and spe
do not occur in the Plural. It was only in the fifteenth
Century that the Icelanders began to pronounce the e in these
words like je (instead of æ) wherefore we meet in good editions
of old works the reading trè, très etc. Plur. Dat. and Gen.
contracted for trjavum, trjava.

The word fe, cattle, goods, money, is irregular in the Gen.
Sing.; we find fjár instead of fjavar; but ve, sanctuary,
temple (from which Oðinsve, Odense) is declined, like land
or skip after the 2nd Declension.

69. The Masculines we find sometimes only written with
r (instead of ur) , it not being observed that the termination
in u was the reason for writing ö, as in the Dat. Plural.

Therefore hvalr̓ with a, because the r is only distinguished
by an ʼ from the root.

But kjölur with ö, because the ending contains u. The
Accus. Plural of all these words has a double form, partly
ending in i, agreeing with the Nom. Plural as: velli, firði,
partly ending in -u, agreeing with the Dative Plural, and
this form is the old genuine one. Several kinds of
modifications are to be noticed, although some words do not modify
by reason of their nature.
Sing. Nom. sonur (son) dráttur (drawing) viður (wood, forest)
Acc. son drátt við
Dat. syni drætti viði
Gen. sonar dráttar viðar
Plur. Nom. synir drættir viðir
Acc. (syni) (drætti) (vidi)
sonu dráttu viðu
Dat. sonum dráttum viðum
Gen. sona; drátta; viða.

Irregular are these two:
Sing. Nom. fótur (foot) vetʼr (for vetr-ur) (winter)
[[** mulig settefeil? kf s. 11. Hvorfor denne varierende halvring-plaseringen: dansk har vet’r med asper-aks. mellom **]]
Acc. fót vetʼr [[** dansk også her innlagt asper mellom vet’r **]] (for vetr-u)
Dat. fœti vetri
Gen. fótar vetrar
Plur. Nom. Acc. fœtr̓ vetʼr [[** dansk har her innlagt asper mellom vet’r **]] (for vetr-ʼr)
Dat. fótum vetrum
Gen. fóta; vetra.

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