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(1869) [MARC] Author: Rasmus Rask
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[[** Tabell forts fra forrige s. **]]
Plural Nom. fjögur fjórir fjórar
Acc. fjögur fjóra fjórar
Dat. fjórum
Gen. fjögurra

119. Those compounded with -tiu, have often another form
in -tigir, -tigi as: þrjátigir, þrjátigi, but are not further
declined, as: þrjátigi ok fimm árum — Landn. pag. 2, still
more visible in the noun tigr̓ (_tugr̓, [[** NB ligger visst et slags rotert komma først her?: intet i dansk **]] togr̓, tögr̓), Plur.
tigir, as: sex tigir, Sverriss. pag. 230 and átta tigir,
Hk. 3,357. — Hundrað is a regular noun (55). The ancients
almost always reckoned by the great hundred (120) so that
hálft hundrað counted for 60 etc. Þúsund
(þúshundrað) is irregular (62).

120. From the ordinal Numbers are formed, those ending
        -tugt, -tugr, -tug (-togt or tögt),

        -rœtt, -rœðr [[** nedenfor med r̓! **]], -rœð, as:
the 2nd part: tvitugt, tugr, tug;
3rd þrítugt;
4th fertugt;
5th fimtugt;
6th sextugt;
7th sjautugt (sjötugt);
the 8th part: áttrœtt, -rœðr̓, -rœð;
9th nirœtt,
10th tirœtt;
11th ellifurœtt;
12th ólfrœtt.

The half is expressed by: hálft, hálfr̓, hálf, as:
hálfþritugt, halffertogr̓ etc. which points out that 5 has been
deducted from the last ten, thus:

        hálffertogr̓ = 35, hálfáttrœðr̓ = 75.


The Verb.

121. Verbs are divided like the substantives into two chief
        the 1st or open, with the vowel in its termination;

        2nd or closed, with a consonant

The first has more than one syllable in the Imperfect, the
second is monosyllabic.

The open order is subdivided into 3 classes:

        1st Cl. has three syllables in the Imperfect, with vowel a,

        2nd Cl. has two syllables in the Imperfect, with vowel i,

        3rd Cl. has two syllables with change or modification of vowel

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