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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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seem worth while ; and by heaving on the anchor and
going full-speed astern, we at last glided gently and im
perceptibly off. After that we east anchor in 5 fathoms
of water to have dinner. Loris-Melikov asked suddenly
during the meal : "On what ground do wc lic at anchor,
here ? " I replied : "To eat our dinner ; isn’t that a
good enough ground ? " He answered : " Yes, at any
rate it’s better than the one we were lying on just
The life-boat with the two mates then sailed first
to the eastward to take soundings, and they found the
channel a good way farther east. We went after them
dead slow to the south-east, while they sailed ahead and
sounded. It is evident that we must have struck on a
bank that lies to the north of Nosonovski Island and is
not charted.
At this spot the Yenisei is about 23 sea miles wide, and
the land is low on both sides, but more so on the west.
As the channel one has to follow lies near the east side,
the west bank can scarcely be seen even from the crow’s
nest, and if the weather is thick one loses the east bank
as well. In such conditions it is not easy to follow a
narrow fairway out in the river, especially as it is not
To the south of us, in the broad expanding part of
the Yenisei, lic a number of large and small islands close
together. They are quite flat and low, almost like some
what high sand and mud banks, separated by shallow
channels, which are mostly narrow. The whole group
is like a low, flat delta, and it extends with wide sunken
banks a long way to the north. The islands are known
collectively by the nåme of Brekhovskie Ostrova.
Our destination was the most north-easterly of these
islands, Nosonovski Ostrov (i.e. Nose Island), which,
by the way, is divided into two islands by a strait.

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