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struktur|formel        905        strål|dosimetri

situation; ~ellinterdependent (företagsek.)

inter-sectoral flow system, interindustry

(input-output) analysis; olikheter structural

disparities; ofbrmel structural (configuration)

formula; ~förändring structural change

(alteration), change (alteration) of structure (in

the structure [of]); ~geologi structural

geology; ~kemi structural chemistry; ~kemist

structural chemist; ~lära (geol.) tectonics;

~rationalisering structural rationalization;

~rensad; ~rensat födelsetal (stat.)

standardized birth rate; ~undersökning structural

study (examination, analysis);

~ändringsgräns border of structural change;

~änedringszon zone of structural change

struma goitre, (US) goiter; (äv.) struma

strump|a (dam-) stocking; (socka) sock; (koll.

äv.) hose; elastisk ~a elastic stocking (hose);

elektriskt uppvärmda yor (flyg.) electrically

heated socks; formstickade yor fully-fashioned

stockings; rundstickade ~or circular knitted

stockings; ~or av bästa kvalitet first (top)

quality hosiery (Br socks and stockings); oør

utan söm seamless stockings (socks); ~automat

hosiery knitting machine; ~byxor [stretch]

tights, leotards, leotard pants, stretchees,

stretchies, long stretch-pants, (äv.) slim jims,

tapered pants, stretch-to-fits, slim-slacks; (för

herrar) long johns, stretch tights for men,

sportites, he-~tards; ~e|band garter,

sock-stocking-) suspender; ~e|bandshållare garter

(suspender) belt; S~e|bandsorden the [Most

Noble] Order of the Garter; ~fabrik stocking

(sock) manufacturers, hosiery; ~fabrikant

stocking manufacturer; ~fot foot of a stocking

(sock); ~färgningsmaskin stocking dyeing

machine; ~garn stocking (sock) yarn;

~hållare sock-suspender; jfr ~e|band; ~häl heel

of a stocking (sock); ~industri stocking

industry; ~klädd stockinged; ~or se ~a;

~skaft leg of a stocking; ~sortererska

hosiery sorter; ~sticka knitting needle;

~stol stocking machine; ~symaskin hosiery

seamer; ~söm stocking seam; ~tjocklek

stocking (sock) thickness; ~tåskydd stocking

toe protector; ~yäveri hosiery; ~vävnad

stocking (sock) fabric

strup|e (anat.) throat; (mat-) oesophagus;

(luft-) trachea, windpipe; (struphuvud) larynx;

~huvudspegel laryngoscope; ~kancer

throat cancer, cancer of the throat;

~mikrofon throat microphone, laryngophone; ~sond

throat probe

strut cone

struts ostrich; ~fjäder ostrich feather (plume);

~politik ostrich-like policy; ~skinn ostrich


struvit (min.) struvite

struvjärn cruller iron

stryka to stroke; to brush [off], to sweep;

(släta) to smooth; (pressa) to iron, to press;

(bey) to paint [over], to coat, to spread, to

render, to brush over; fo ut) to strike out

(off, through), to cut (cross, ex) out, to delete,

to erase, to suppress, to exclude, to expunge;

the lines were exxed out of the script; (med

svamp) to sponge out; (torka bort) to rub

out; (radera ut) to scratch out, to erase, to

efface; (annullera) to cancel; we have cancelled

this item from our records; (avskaffa) to

discontinue, to cut out, to suppress; behöver ej m

(text.) non-iron, (äv.) drip-dry; stryk det icke

tillämpliga cross out what does not apply;

~ under to underline, to underscore; (fig.)

to emphasize, to stress; vi ber Er ~ detta

stycke please cancel (cut out) this paragraph;

~nde (geol.) striking; ~nde åtgång rapid sale

stryk|blandning (gummeringsblandning) proofing

mix (rubber); ~bräda ironing board; ~erska

ironer; ~inrättning ironing workshop;

(tvättinrättning) laundry; ~ järn flat- (smoothing-)

iron; (elektriskt) electric iron; ~maskin

(tvätt) ironing machine; (läder) dehairing

machine; (beläggningsmaskin) coating

(spreading, sizing) machine, spreader; (för pasta)

dough spreading machine; elektrisk ~maskin

electric ironing machine

stryknin strychnine; ~förgiftning strychnine


strykning stroke, stroking; (gnidning) rub,

rubbing; (målning) painting, coating,

brushing, brush painting (application), spreading,

rendering, (konkr.) coat; to give it a coat of

varnish; (med strykjärn) ironing; (ut~)

striking- (crossing-) out, cancellation,

cancelling, deletion, deleting, erasure; cut,

excision, suppression; (äv.) wiping out;

(upphörande) discontinuation, suppression; (geol.)

strike, course; jfr stryka; ~ för hand hand

ironing; tvätt- och ~ laundry work and


stryknings|avdelning (tekn.) spreading shop;

~bord spreading table; ~kalander spreading

calender; ~kniv scraping (spreading, doctor)

knife, scraper, doctor [blade], knife bar, lint

doctor; oriktning (geol.) [direction of] strike;

~vinkel (geol.) angle of strike

stryknin|nitrat strychnine nitrate

stryk|pasta (tekn.) spreading paste; ~press

ironing press; ~prov (met.) touchstone assay;

~torr ready for ironing

stryp|a (tekn.) to throttle, to choke; of läns

orifice plate; ~ning (tekn.) throttling,

choking; oreducerventil, ~skruv throttle

(pressure adjusting) screw; ~spjall throttle

(butterfly) valve; ~spänning (elektron.) [grid]

cut-off voltage; ( styrelektrod) cut-off bias;

~ventil throttle valve; ~verktyg reducing


strå (spannm.) straw, stem, stalk; ~foder straw

feed (for feeding); ohatt straw hat

stråk stråke; ( flygfält) landing strip; (malm-)

vein, zone; (tel.) route [of line];

(ledningsknippe) group of lines; ~e bow; oharts

colophony; ~instrument bow (bowed string,

string[ed]) instrument; ~orkester string band

strål|- radiation, radiant, radiating; betr. sms. jfr

~ings-; ~a (utsända) to radiate, to emit

rays; oantenn beam aerial (U S~antenna);

~are radiator; ~behandling radiation

treatment, radiotherapy; ~biologi radiation

biology, radiobiology; ~brytning refraction

[of light]; ~dos radiation dose (dosage);

dödande ~dos lethal radiation dose; skadlig ~dos

harmful dose of radiation; odosimeter

radiation dosemeter; odosimetri radiation do-

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