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The endeavors of the Swedish Government to regain
possession of or compensation for their lost colony were
unavailing, though they began immediately after the
conquest of New Sweden with the presenting of a
memorial on the subject to the States-General, and
were continued as late as 1669, when a similar appeal
was made to the crown of England.

On Stuyvesant’s departure for Manhattan, he
appointed Captain Derek Smidt temporary Commandant
on the Delaware, and on the 29th of November, John
Paul Jacquet was constituted Vice-Director, whose
powers and duties were in a series of instructions.
He was to be assisted by a Council, with Andreas
Hudde as Secretary. In the following spring a
number of colonists came from New Amsterdam and
settled at Fort Casimir, now known as New Amstel.
The Dutch West India Company, having become
embarrased with large debts from various causes,
liquidated its obligation to the City of Amsterdam for aid in
subjugating New Sweden by transferring to it the land
west of Christina Kill, extending to the mouth of
Delaware Bay; and the City appointed a board of
commissioners resident at Amsterdam, to manage the affairs
of their colony. For the defence of the settlement, a
company of forty soldiers was engaged and placed
under the command of Captain Martin Krygier, of
New Netherland, and Lieutenant Alexander
D’Hinojossa, who had been in the service of the Company in
the Brazils. And one hundred and fifty freemen and
boors, principally inhabitants of Gulick, were embarked
in three ships for the Delaware, where they arrived,
after some disasters, in April, 1657. Jacob Alrichs
accompanied the expedition as Director of New Amstel,

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