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And the land from Bombay Hook to Cape Henlopen
was purchased from the savages, and a fort was erected
at Hoern Kill as a further security against the English.

At the close of 1659 occured the death of
Vice-Director Alrich, who was succeeded by Alexander
D’Hinojossa, with Gerrit van Sweringen and Cornelis
van Gezel as Councillors. Difficulties began to arise
between the governments of the City and Company
Colonies, and soon increased to such a degree, that in
1662 D’Hinojossa and van Sweringen proceeded to
Holland to endeavor to induce either the City or the
Company to relinquish its territory, that all the colonists
might be brought under one authority. During this
year considerable attention was attracted to the South
River by advertisements published in Holland, and a
number of Mennonites undertook to settle at
Whorekill, the whole history of which project, with the
constitution proposed for the colony, appears in a small
volume printed in 1662, of which copies still exist.

D’Hinojossa returned to the Delaware the following
year with one hundred emigrants, who were soon
followed by others. New Amstel began once more to
flourish, and the Directors of the West India Company
instructed Stuyvesant to convey Fort Altona and the
rest of their territory on the Delaware to the City of
Amsterdam. This was effected by a deed in December,
1663, and D’Hinojossa became Director over the whole
of our river, Beckman being transferred in the course
of the following summer to Esopus, of which district
he was appointed Sheriff.

D’Hinojossa’s rule over both colonies on the
Delaware was of short duration, for in March, 1664. King
Charles II, of England issued a grant of Long Island

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