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Kivi, Aleksis (1834–1872), writer, Finland.

The first great prose writer in Finnish - considered by some to be the most genial - was Aleksis Kivi (1834-72), a novelist and playwright who during his lifetime was largely ignored. Major works include Seitsemän Veljestä (The Seven Brothers, 1870), his most celebrated play, and the comedy Nummisuutarit (The Heath Shoemakers, 1864). He was more modern and many-sided in his expression than Runeberg, but his image of the Finnish people was too "raw" and realistic for most people of his era, and he died in extreme poverty, suffering from a mental illness.
(From the Nordic FAQ)

Swedish translations exist by Arvid Mörne, Per Åke Laurén, Eino Rostén, Elmer Diktonius, Thomas Warburton.


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