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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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by thought and feeling, compelled to bring into life
forms, scenes, and circumstances, which, as dim
shadows, have for twenty years existed in the
background of my soul. And in this so-called
realist land, which has more poetic life in it than
people have any idea of in Europe, I have already
in petto experienced and written more of the
romance of life than I have done for many years,
and I shall continue to do so during my residence

Now for a little of the exterior of my life. I
last left you when I was about to pay a visit with
Mr. Downing to Mr. Hamilton and his family on
the Hudson. As we were coming down to the
bridge at Newburgh, two men were there, the one
fat and the other lean, who were talking loudly
and with so much warmth that they seemed to be
angry with each other. “Every one who goes with
this steamboat is robbed!” exclaimed one; “it is
full of rogues and pickpockets!” “Let every one
who is careful of his life,” cried the other, “take
care not to go in the boat he recommends: it has a
cracked boiler, and will blow up before long!”
“That is not true, but the greatest lie!” returned
the first, and they cast terrible glances at each
other from under their contracted eyebrows, while
they continued to commend their own boats and
abuse each other’s.

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