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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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words. In highmindedness and independence of
temper, in pride and honesty, and in critical
asperity, she was a perfect Transcendentalist! The
“Conversations,” which she once gave in a select
circle at Boston, are spoken of as being of the
highest interest. Mrs. Emerson cannot
sufficiently praise her fervent eloquence and the
extraordinary affluence of her mind, and, I
believe, half reproaches me for not being like

When I reached home last evening I found
Marcus Spring, who had come hither on business.
It was a heartfelt joy to me to see once more that
excellent friend. After I had spent an hour in
conversing with him and Mr. Sumner, I went with
Marcus to Alcott’s concluding Conversation,
where several prearranged topics with regard to
diet and its importance to humanity were discussed.
Alcott maintained that all high and holy
teachers of the human race had paid great attention
to diet and in particular had abstained from
animal food. Some one said that Christ had eaten
meat. Another said that it could not be proved.
A third contended that He, at all events, had
partaken of fish. I remarked it was so written in the
Gospels. A second agreed. “No matter,” said Alcott,
“I know better than to eat fish.”

The man is incorrigible. He drinks too much

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