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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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and the other viands. The people sat down on the
greensward and ate, some with spoons, others with
splinters of wood, each one out of his own piggin,
as these vessels are called, and each contained an
abundant portion. They seemed contented, but
were very silent. I told them that the poor working
people in the country from which I came seldom
had such good food as they had here.

April 20. I have just had my second breakfast,
at twelve o’clock, of bananas. I am beginning to
like this fruit. It is mild and pleasant, and has a
wholesome effect just like the air, that is,
when it is mild. But even here the climate is very
changeable. Yesterday the thermometer fell twenty-four
degrees in as many hours, and it was so cold that
my fingers were stiff as icicles. To-day, again, one
is covered with perspiration, even when sitting
quietly in the shade. For two days we have attended
big dinners with plantation-owners a few miles from
here—very nice people.

Yesterday, as we were taking a drive through
the heavy sand, we stopped in a wood to let the
horses rest. Deeper in the woods I saw a slave
village, or houses resembling one, but having an
exceptionally irregular and dilapidated appearance.
Upon my request, Mr. Poinsett went with me to
see it. I found the houses in the most decayed and

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