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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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deplorable condition, and, within, old and sickly
negro men and women. In one room I saw a young
lad much swollen, as with dropsy; wind and rain
could enter by the roof; everything was bare in
the room; and neither wood nor fire was there,
although the day was chilly. In another wretched
hovel we saw an old woman lying among the rags
as in a dog-kennel. This was the provision which
one of the planters had made for the sick and old
among his servants!

April 21. To-day I took a delightful ramble
about the woods and fields, and in so doing came
to a stream that is called the Black River. Not far
away I saw slaves at work under a white overseer,
from whom I requested and obtained an old negro
to take me across the river. The good-humored
old man was more outspoken and clear-headed
than I have commonly found the slaves to be; and
while he paddled me along in the canoe, made of a
hollowed tree trunk, he talked freely about the
owners of the plantations that lay by the river.
Of one it was “Good master! blessed master,
ma’am!” of another, “Bad master, ma’am! beats
his servants; cuts them to pieces, ma’am!" and
so on.

On the other side of the river I came to a plantation
where I met with the owner himself, who

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