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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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man. For the rest there was nothing very remarkable
here, unless it were the great number of
colonels. All gentlemen of wealth, planters or
others, it matters not, are called colonel, though
they may not have been military. Such colonels
abound in the Southern States. When I expressed
my astonishment at this general promotion, I was
told that when the President of the United States
visited the various states he nominated many of
these gentlemen to be his adjutants for the
occasion; and these adopted and have since
retained the title of colonel. Imagine that title for
so small service! The passion for titles
which evidently distinguishes a portion of the
republican people of America, especially in the
South, is a little possessed of the devil, and but
little in harmony with the aim of this community.
The old Adam in the old uniform is going about

Charleston, June 10. In South Carolina the
spirit and the links of social life are aristocratic to
a degree which I cannot approve of, however
much I may like certain people there. And aristocracy
there has this in common with aristocracies
of the present time; that, while the aristocratic
virtues and greatness have vanished, merely the
pretension remains. The formerly rich,

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