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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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magnificent planters exist no longer. Wealth, power,
munificent hospitality are all gone. And, bowed
beneath the yoke of slavery, the Southern States
are a long way behind those of the North in their
rapid development, in prosperity and population.
The emigration of the present day is also beginning
to bring in its manufactures and mechanical
art even into the Southern States, but much more
in Georgia than Carolina. Yet even here a man
from New England, Mr. Gregg, has lately established
a cotton manufactory, similar to that of
Lowell, laid out beautifully with garden-plots for
the work-people. Far behind the Northern States
stands the South in any case, as regards moral and
intellectual culture, and this in consequence of the
unhappy slave institution, with all its consequences
both to the black and the white population. There
are great individuals in the Southern States, but
no great community, no united, aspiring people.
The fetters of slavery bind, more or less, all and
every one. Yet I love the South. I have found
there many things to love—many things to
esteem—many things to enjoy—many things to be
grateful for; and as it is natural to me to enter into
the life amid which I am living or observing, I have
in the South felt myself to have a Southern
tendency; and having entered into the peculiar life of
the South, its circumstances and position, having

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