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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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natural kingly dignity, and is described as having,
by his mere presence, exercised an almost magical
power over human masses. He is now above sixty,
and is still a handsome, powerful man, although
years and thought seem to weigh upon him. Clay,
though more than seventy, is in appearance a youth
in comparison with Webster. Clay is always ready
to fire off; Webster seems to deliberate carefully
as to the charging of his piece before he applies
the match.

The senators of Illinois, General Shields and
Judge Douglas, are both small men, but men of
talent, and even of genius. In the deep, beautiful
eyes of Douglas glows a dark fire which it is said
burns with ambitious desires for the office of
president; but the same desires influence Clay,
Webster, Seward, and many others. He speaks
but little, at least in company, but his presence is
felt. He looks like an ardent, clever, and
determined little man. General Shields, fair, blue-eyed,
and with an honest glance, is of a more frank
character. He distinguished himself, and was
severely wounded, in the war with Mexico. I love
to talk with him and to hear him talk. He is an
active-minded and warm American, and seems to
me to understand the peculiar aspect and vocation
of his country.

Let us now cast a glance into the other camp.

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