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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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There were not many people in the gallery, and I
went forward toward the railing, so that I might
hear more distinctly what was said in the hall
below. Here stood beside me a little lady, meanly
attired, and about middle age, but so short that
she scarcely reached my shoulder. Several persons
came up into the gallery to speak to me, and by
this means my name was mentioned. When they
were gone, my little lady turned to me, wishing
also to shake hands with me and bid me welcome,
which she did in quite a friendly manner, but
added, in a tone of vexation, “I am very much
disappointed in you!”

“Indeed!” said I, “and why?”

“Well,” she said, eyeing me with a grave and
displeased glance, “I expected that you would have
been a tall lady.”

“Oh!” said I, smiling, “did you wish, then, to
find me tall?”

“No, not precisely! But I am very much
disappointed in you!”

And with that she laid her hand upon her breast,
and turning to me, she continued with great
emphasis, “In me you see a descendant of the old
Pilgrims, a lineal descendant of the great and
celebrated Miles Standish!”

The little descendant evidently expected that I
should fall down from sheer astonishment, but I

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