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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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“Is it possible,” said I to James Lowell, “that
gentlemen can act in this manner?”

He shook his head silently. “And yet,” I said,
“these young men looked like gentlemen. Many
of them were handsome besides being well

I had many times heard of garden robberies of
fruit and flowers by young fellows in the neighborhood
of great cities, especially around Philadelphia,
and I had even asked my friends how this
might be prevented. They confessed that it was
so, but excused it by saying that fruit was so
plentiful and so cheap in this country that nobody
considered the taking of it as anything very important.
And yet these young men, on this occasion,
had run away at the sound of the proprietor’s
voice, like any ordinary fruit thieves. The only
difference between the fruit thieves of Europe and
those of the New World seemed to be that the
latter were not ashamed. Stealing fruit and
destroying trees, as well as fleeing away from the
owner of the orchard, all were equally signs of a
very low state of mind.

About noon we arrived at Rochester, one of
those great arteries through which the trade and
traffic of the West flows into the Eastern States,
and from these into the West.

The following day I made acquaintance with the

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