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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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other than go straight to the heart with enlivening
power. Sometimes his ideas seemed to come to
an end, and he stood, as it were, seeking for a
moment; but then he would begin again with what
he had just now said, and his words always brought
with them the same warmth and faithfulness, and
he looked like a life-infusing sunbeam. And it
was only as the messenger of the joy in Christ
that he preached:

“Hold fast by Christ! He is the Lord! He
is the mighty One! He will help ! He will do
everything well! Trust in Him, my sister, my
brother. Call upon Him. Yes. Yes. Hold
fast by Christ! He is the Lord!”

By degrees the noise increased in the church
and became a storm of voices and cries. The
words were heard, “Yes, come, Lord Jesus!
Come, oh come, oh glory!” and they who thus
cried aloud began to leap—leaped aloft with a
motion as of a cork flying out of a bottle, while
they waved their arms and their handkerchiefs
in the air, as if they were endeavoring to bring
something down, and all the while crying aloud,
“Come, oh come!” And as they leaped, they
twisted their bodies round in a sort of corkscrew
fashion, and were evidently in a state of convulsion;
sometimes they fell down and rolled in the
aisle, amid loud, lamenting cries and groans. I

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