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(1916) Author: Alfons Heyking - Tema: Russia
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Pilots and their pupils are exempt from military service, and
must belong to the Reserve of the Navy for 10 years. Those who
during a period of 10 years have not served as pilots more than once,
must serve 5 years in the Navy. However, every 2 years of service
as pilot, is reckoned as 1 year of actual Naval service.

All those who have served 12 months as mates, engineers, or
firemen on board Russian merchant vessels, and who are otherwise
not allowed any privileges regarding military service, shorten their
time of military service by 1 year which is added to the period of
time to be served in the Reserve.

Sailors of sea-going vessels of the Russian merchant fleet, and
engineers or firemen on every kind of steamer of that fleet, in time
of peace, can postpone their military service for one year, but not
longer, until their hire-contracts have expired. If at the time of
their call to the colours, these men are abroad, they must apply to
the nearest Russian Consulate for a certificate which must state that
they are indeed serving on board a sea-going merchant ship, and
it must also mention the length of time and the capacity in
which they have been employed on board the ship. This document
is given free of charge on the production of a certificate from the
captain as to the applicant’s service, and it must be sent by the sailor
in question to the military service officer of the division in which
the applicant is enrolled.

The privilege of serving as a volunteer in the Russian Army, viz.,
without taking the chance of drawing lots, is accorded to :—

1. Men who hold a diploma for having passed through the final
examination at educational institutions of the first class, viz. :—

Universities, gymnasiums, schools of sciences of at least six classes,
lyceums, technical and other colleges. Men belonging to such
institutions are called upon to serve only 1 year in the Army.

2. Men who have passed a special examination enabling them
to be considered as volunteers of the second class, are called upon to
serve 2 years in the Army.

Men who are desirous of being admitted into the ranks of the
Army as volunteers, must address a petition to the commander of the
regiment which they wish to enter, with the following enclosures :—

(i.) Two Russian revenue stamps of the value of 1 rouble


(ii.) Certificate of enrolment in a conscription area,
(iii.) Certificate from a doctor who belongs to the Russian
State Service, to the effect that the applicant from the point
of view of health and bodily constitution fulfils the requirements
of those recognised as fit to serve in the Russian Army.

(iv.) Diploma for having passed the examinations mentioned

Persons residing abroad are entitled to the following privileges :—

i. If the sons of Russian diplomatic agents and other persons
residing abroad on account of their official or sacerdotal duties, who
are being educated at foreign educational establishments, present
a certificate, duty attested by the proper Russian Embassy, Legation


Service of
Sons of
Officers and
of Priests.

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