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of Baden.

§ 174.

§175. [-Alsace-Lorraine.-]

§176. [-Wurtem-berg.-]

§ 177.

§§ 172, 173,
174, 175,
176, 177.

keep lists of foreigners residing within their district. " This will
render it possible to remove any undesirable elements from abroad
immediately on their arrival, and before they have permanently
established themselves here." The decree goes on to mention other
advantages which will result, and amongst them, the prevention of
the inclusion of foreigners in electoral lists, " as frequently occurs
on their being called on for military service." It then proceeds to
prescribe the particulars of the lists to be kept, and the duties of the
police in relation thereto.

In Bavaria, by laws of April, 1868, and February, 1872, provision
is made for requiring foreigners, as a condition of allowing them to
reside in any parish in the kingdom, to produce evidence of their
nationality. There are also provisions for the expulsion of foreigners,
for specified periods, from the parish in which they reside in the event
of their applying for relief and continuing to be without sufficient
means of subsistence, or for non-payment of local rates, or, after
conviction, for certain criminal offences, or for public prostitution.
Where a foreigner has been expelled from any parish under the
provisions of the law, the police authorities may expel him from the
kingdom during the period covered by the local prohibition, should
public necessity appear to require it. " The Ministry of State is
empowered to refuse admission into the kingdom to foreigners, or
to expel them from Bavarian territory in the interests of public
necessity." There is also a provision for reciprocity in the treatment of
foreigners. " The Government has the right to issue a decree
subjecting the permission to foreigners to reside to the same restrictive
conditions to which Bavarian subjects are subjected with regard to
their residence in the country to wrhich the respective foreigners

The laws of the Grand Duchy of Baden contain similar provisions.

In the territory of Hamburg there are detailed regulations
providing for proof of identity and notification of arrival and

In Alsace-Lorraine there are more stringent regulations requiring
passports to be carried by persons coming from the French frontier.
There are also provisions for reporting to the police after arrival and
for the issue of certificates to persons who intend to take up
permanent residence.

In Wurtemberg newly arrived residents are required to report
themselves, and if they are not in possession of sufficient means to
support themselves and their family, a declaration is "expected"
of the manner in which they propose to defray the expenditure
necessary for this purpose. This provision appears to apply to natives
as well as foreigners. The refusal of the right to reside rests with
the District Council, subject to a right of appeal.

In Switzerland the laws affecting foreigners are cantonal, but are
substantially identical in each canton. In substance any resident
foreigner is required to take out a pennis do sejour within six days of

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