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Chief is not required, and the Landrath or the District Chief, as the
case may be, is obliged to admit the expelled person without further
formalities, if only his papers conclusively show his birth-place, or
place of origin, and are of unquestionable authenticity.

Further, on the 29th January 1894, Russia concluded a treaty
with Germany on the subject of repatriation, the terms of which are
as follows:—

Art. i. Both contracting parties bind themselves to re-admit
those of their former subjects who, having lost their nationality by
residence abroad, by an act of expatriation or for any other reason
whatever, have not acquired another. It must, however, be
understood that readmission will not be granted to persons born after their
parents had already lost their nationality and who, for that reason,
have never possessed it themselves.

Art. 2. Persons who are to be repatriated will be readmitted after
direct correspondence between the frontier authorities of Russia and
Germany. The return of a person must be notified in advance to the
frontier authority within whose district the readmission is to take
place, and he, after considering the circumstances and examining the
papers of legitimation, will give his consent to the readmission of
the person at a place to be indicated.

Art. 3. No preliminary correspondence is necessary in case of
repatriation of individuals provided with genuine and valid papers,
or with papers the validity of which has not expired more than one
year previously, or in cases where there is no room for doubt that
the person to be repatriated is really of the nationality he claims to
be or that he was of it formerly. In all such cases the frontier
authorities are bound to readmit him without any further formalities.

Art. 4. Correspondence through diplomatic channels is necessary
in cases where the frontier authorities fail to arrive at an agreement
as to the repatriation of any person, and also in those cases where
the decision of the frontier authorities is disapproved of by the superior
authorities of the country of origin.

Notes were exchanged on the same subject on the ist/i3th
December 1886, between the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and the Austrian-Hungarian Ambassador, in accordance with which
similar stipulations were agreed to as in the notes and treaty previously
mentioned between Russia and Germany. Any person who, in
accordance with the said treaty with Austria-Hungary, is to be
readmitted without any previous correspondence whatever, must be
brought to the Customs Office situated either at Sandomir, Tomassew,
Radsivilovo, Voloczysk, Hussiatin, or Novosselitzy for admission
into Russia. In the case of Russian subjects who are not natives
(naturalised Russian subjects) and of those who are natives of the
Governments of Petrokovo, Kielce, Radom, Lublin, Volhynia, Podolia,
and Bessarabia repatriation must be arranged by correspondence
through diplomatic channels.

The subject of the repatriation of tramps, beggars and criminals
is dealt with more particularly in the Convention between Russia
and Sweden and Norway, concluded on the I5th/27th December
i860, by which it was agreed, that:—

§§ 182, 183.

§ 182. [-Austria-Hungary.-]

§ 183.
Sweden and

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