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ready; i sin ~ as it should be; för
~ens skull
for regularity’s sake; till
Order! -ings|följd order;
succession, sequence -ings|makt police
-ings|man custodian -ings|tal
ordinal [number]

ordonnans orderly

ord‖rik a abounding in words; ⁅pers.⁆
verbose -språk proverb -språks|bok,
O~en [the] Proverbs [of Solomon]
-stam stem -stäv saying, by-word
-växling altercation

o‖reda [state of] confusion, disorder;
muddle -redig a confused; muddled
-regelbunden a irregular; anomalous
-regerlig a ungovernable, unruly -ren
a unclean; ⁅bildl.⁆ impure -rena tr
[make] dirty, defile -renhet impurity,
defilement -renlig a uncleanly; dirty,
filthy -resonlig a unreasonable

organ organ; ⁅röst⁆ voice -isation
organisation -isera tr organize -isk a
organic -ist organist

orgel organ -trampare organ-blower

orgie orgy, revel

orient, O~en the Orient, the East
-alisk a Oriental, Eastern -era rfl
take (get) one’s bearings, orient o.s.;
⁅bildl.⁆ make o.s. at home -ering

origin‖al original; ⁅pers.⁆ eccentric
-alitet originality -ell a original;
⁅bildl.⁆ eccentric, odd, queer

o‖rimlig a absurd, preposterous
-rimmad a unrhymed, blank

orka tr itr = förmå; jag ~r inte mer I
cannot do any more, I am quite
done up

orkan hurricane

orkeslös a past work, infirm -het

orkester orchestra, band

orkidé orchid

orm snake; ⁅större äv. bildl.⁆ serpent
-biten a snake-bitten -bunke fern,
bracken -skinn skin of a serpent
-slinga serpentine -tjusare
snake-charmer -vråk buzzard

ornament ornament -ik

ornat robe[s] of office; full ~ full attire

oro 1 ⁅i ur⁆ balance[-wheel] 2 [state
of] agitation; disturbance; ⁅sinnes-⁆
uneasiness, apprehension, anxiety
-a I tr disturb; trouble harass II rfl
trouble o.s. ⁅för about⁆; jfr -lig 2 -lig a
1 agitated, disturbed; ⁅dröm⁆ troubled
2 ⁅bekymrad⁆ uneasy, anxious,
alarmed; vara ~ be restless, worry
-väckande a alarming

orr‖e blackcock -höna grey hen

orsak cause ⁅till for, of⁆; jfr anledning,
skäl; ingen ~!
don’t mention it!
-a tr cause; bring on

ort place; locality -namn place-name

orto‖dox a orthodox -grafi

o‖rubb|ad a, sitta i -at bo remain in
sole possession -rubblig a
unshakable; firm, staunch; unfailing ⁅tro
faith⁆ -rygglig a irrevocable -råd,
ana ~ take alarm -rädd a fearless,
intrepid -räknelig a past any
counting, innumerable

orätt I a s wrong; göra ~ do wrong
II adv wrong[ly] -färdig a unjust,
unrighteous -mätig a unlawful,
illegitimate -rådig a unrighteous,
iniquitous -rådighet iniquity -vis a
unjust, unfair -visa unjustness,
injustice ⁅mot to⁆

orör‖d a 1 not touched; intact 2
⁅orubbad⁆ not moved -lig a
immovable; ⁅stå⁆ motionless

os [smoky] smell -a itr smell; lampan
the lamp is smoking

o‖sagd a unsaid -saltad a fresh
-sammanhängande a disconnected,
disjointed; ⁅ord⁆ incoherent -sams =
oense -sann a untrue, false -sanning
untruth, falsehood -sannolik a
unlikely, improbable -sedlig a immoral;
lewd -självisk a unselfish, selfless
-självständig a dependent on others
-skadad -skadd a unhurt, unharmed;
⁅pers.⁆ safe and sound -skadlig a
harmless, innocent -skadlig|göra tr
render harmless -skalad a unpeeled;
~ potatis potatoes with their jackets
on -skattbar a inestimable,
invaluable -skick misbehaviour, bad manners;
det är ett ~ it is a nuisance -skiljaktig
a inseparable -skolad a unskilled,
untrained -skrymtad a unfeigned,

oskuld 1 innocence; purity;
⁅jungfrulig⁆ virginity 2 en ~ an innocent,
a virgin -s|full a innocent, pure

o‖skummad a, ~ mjölk whole milk
-skyldig a innocent; guiltless ⁅till of⁆
-skälig a 1 brute, dumb 2 = obillig
-slipad a uncut, rough; ⁅bildl.⁆
unpolished -släcklig a unquenchable
-släckt a unslaked ⁅kalk lime⁆
-smaklig a unsavoury, distasteful -sminkad
a unpainted; ~ sanning plain
unvarnished truth -smält a undigested
-smältbar a indigestible -snygg a
uncleanly, dirty -sockrad a

oss pron us; ourselves

1 ost ⁅väderstreck⁆ East

2 ost cheese

ostadig a unsteady, unstable

Ostindien the East-Indies ⁅pl.⁆

ost‖kaka curd-cake -kant [a piece of]
cheese rind -kupa cheese-dish cover

ostlig a east[erly]

ostraffad a unpunished

ostron oyster -bank oyster bank

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