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pointless: obtuse [vinkel angle] -nos
•näsa snub nose, pug-nose
truga I tr, ~ ngn tf ill ] uti press (urge)
a p. to II rfl force o.s. [till to]; ~ sig
pd ngn force o.s. [up]ön a p.
trumeld drum fire

trumf trump -a itr 1 trump; play
trumps 2 ~ i ngn drum (pound,
din) into a p.[’s head]: ~ igenom.
force through -färg trump suit -äss,
~[et] the ace of trumps
trumilhinna drum-membrane [of the
ear] -ma I 1 [mus.] drum; sid pd
~[n) beat- the drum 2 [ränna] trunk,
shoot II itr drum [pa on]; — ihop
drum (beat) up
trumpen a sullen, sulky, glum
trumpet trumpet; blåsa [i] ~ play
(sound) the trumpet -a itr trumpet
-are trumpeter -fanfar flourish of
trumpets -signal trumpet-signal
trumllpinne drumstick -skinn
drum–skin -slag drum-beat -slagare
drummer -slagar| pojke
drummer–boy -virvel rolli ing] of [the] drums
trupp troop; X body of soldiers,
contingent; fgymn., sport.] team; ~er
troops, forces -biljett, på ~ at the
reduced troop-transport rate
-för-band military unit -revy [military]
review -rörelse military movement
(manoeuvre) -vis adv in (by) troops
trust trust, combine
trut [fågel] gull

truta itr tr, ~ med munnen pout [the

(one’s) lips]
tryck 1 pressure [på on]; oppression
[över bröstet on one’s chest];
ekonomiskt ~ financial strain; utöva ~
exercise pressure 2 print; ge ut i
från ~e< print, publish, issue from
the press -a tr itr 1 press; [bildh]
weigh down, oppress; ~ ngns hand
shake (press) a p.’s hand; skon -er pä
tårna the shoe feels tight over my
(the) toes: ~ på en fjäder touch a
spring: tryck på knappen! push
(press) the button! 2 print; ~ tyg
impress material -alster specimen of
printing -ark printed sheet
-bokstäver block letters -eri
printing–works; till, från ~et to (from) the
printer [s] -fel misprint, printer’s error;
förteckning på ~ [list of ] errata
tryckfrihet, ~en the liberty of the
press -s I brott breach (infringement)
of the press law -s|förordning
[organic 1 press law -s|mål -s|process
press-law suit; libel action
tryck lf är dig a ready for printing (the
press) -knapp -knäppe
spring-fastener -ning 1 pressing, pressure 2
printing; är under ~ is [in process of]
being printed -nings{kostnader, ~na
the costs of printing -press printing-

-press -punkt point at which [the]
pressure acts -sak, ~~er printed
matter; book post -sida printed
page; page of print -stil [printing-]
type -svärta printer’s ink; Frankfort
black -tal pressed &c 2 printed
-år year of impression (publication)
tryffel truffle

trygg a safe (secure) [för from]; lugn
och ~ calm and unmoved (assured)
-a tr make (render) safe (secure) [för,
emot from]; safe [för anfall from
attack]; proof [för, mot against] -het
safety, security -t adv safely; with
safety; man kan ~ .. it is safe to . .
trymå pier-glass
tryne snout

tryta itr, . . ~ aldrig there is never any
dearth of . .; maten började ~ [the]
food was beginning to get low (run
short); krafterna börja ~ his (&c)
strength is beginning to fail him(&c)
tråckl’elstyng -el|tråd
tacking(&c)–stitch (-thread) -la <r itr tack, baste;
~ fast tack on
tråd thread, cotton; [metall-] wire;
tappa ~en lose the thread; den röda
~en the [main] thread; som håller i
~ama who pulls the wires
tråda tr, ~ dansen tread the dance
tråd||docka twist of thread -ig a
filamentous, fibrous -lik a thread-like;
filamentous -lös a wireless -rulle
[tom] bobbin; [med tråd] reel of
thread -rätt adv the way of the
thread[s] -sliten a [worn]
threadbare, thread-worn -smal a thin as a
thread -vante thread glove -ända
end of cotton
tråg trough

tråk|la itr, ~ ihjäl bore to death -ig a
tedious, boring, dull; det är ~t att
behöva . , it is tiresome having to ..
-igt adv tediously &c; ~ nog
trålare trawler

trånl|a itr pine (languish) [efter for]

-ad pining &c
trång a narrow; tight [klänning dress];
det. är ~t här it is very crowded here
-bodd a overcrowded -bröstad a
narrow-minded -mål embarrassment;
distress; vara i ~ be in straits
trä wood; av ~ wooden -aktig a
woodlike; Ebildl.] woody, wooden
-beläte -ben wooden image (leg) -bit
piece of wood -bjälke timber beam
-bock wooden trestle; Epers.] block
träck excrement[s]
träd tree

1 träda itr step [åt sidan aside];
tread; ~ fram come forward, appear

2 träda tr, ~ pd tråd thread a piece
of cotton on Eto . .]; ~ igenom pass
.. through

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