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— 206 —


complish something by it (that) -röna
tr ascertain, find out
utlisago, enligt hans ~ according to his
statement -satt a 1 exposed [för to];
~ för the object of 2 på ~ dag on the
day fixed -se tr choose, select;
appoint -seende appearance; Epers.]
looks EpI.]; känna ngn till ~t know
a p. by sight -sida outside; [bildl.]
exterior -sikt 1 view; [tavla]"scene;
ined ~ åt with a view of, facing,
overlooking 2 Ebildl.] prospect,
chance; har inte ~ att is not likely to
-sikts|punkt outlook, louk-out -sirad
a ornate -skeppning exportation,
shipment -skjutande a projecting
-skott 1 committee 2 damaged
(defective) goods Epl-3; rejects [pl.]
•skrattad a laughed to scorn -skriva
tr 1 Efrån sjukhus] discharge 2 ~
skatter (trupper) levy taxes (troops)
-skyld rate -skämd a disgraced
-skänknings|lokal licensed premises
EpI.] -skänknings|rättighet bar
[spirit- lücence -skärning cutting out;
carving; Ekir-] excision -slag 1
Eläk.] eruption, rash, exanthema 2
deflexion; Epå våg] deviation; Ebildl.]
ge ~~et tarn the scale 3 Edom]
decision ; fälla ~ give a decision (verdict);
pronounce judgment 4 Eyttriug]
manifestation -slag|en a 1 in
blossom, out 2 med -et hår with one’s
hair hanging loose -slags |givande a
decisive -slags |röst casting vote
-sliten a worn out; [’bildl.j
threadbare -slockna itr [bildl.] die out,
become extinct -smyckning
adornment, ornament -socknes [pers.] of
another parish -spel lead -spisa
tr feed, diet -språng projecting part,
projection -spy tr vomit, belch forth,
disgorge -spädd a diluted -stakad a
marked out; [plan] fixed -stråla I itr
emanate, issue II tr [ir]radiate
-sträcka tr stretch [out]; Etid] extend
-sträckning extension; i slur ~ to a
large extent, largely
ut||strömning discharge, escape
-stu-derad a studied; [beräknande]
calculating, cunning; [durkdriven]
thorough-paced -styrd a dressed (decked)
out -styrsel outfit; [montering]
mounting, garniture -stå tr suffer,
endure -stående a projecting,
protuberant -ställa tr exhibit, display,
expose -stallare exhibitor; [av
växel] drawer -ställning exhibition
-ställnings |föremål exhibit
-ställ-nings|lokal showrooms [pl.] -stöta tr
[ljud, ishted] ejaculate; [rop] utter;
E-driva] expel -stött outcast, pariah
-svulten a famished, starved -svängd
a curved, bent out[wards] -svävande
a dissipated, dissolute -svävningar

excesses; extravagances -syning [av
träd] marking out -sål|d a sold out;
-t hus a full house; -t! house full!
-säde sowing [of the seed]; [konkr.]
seed[-corn, -grain 1 -sätta I tr [dag^
fix II rfl expose o.s. fför to]; run
(incur) the risk [att inf. of . .-ing]
-sökt a exquisite, choice -söndra tr
separate off, jfr av- -sövd a
thoroughly rested

utlltal pronunciation -tala I tr
pronounce; Eönskan] express II rfl
speak (pronounce o.s.) [över on]
-talande pronouncement, expression
of opinion, statement -taxering

utter otter -skinn otter’s skin

ut||tjänt- a who (which) has served his
(&c) time -tryck expression; stående
~ set phrase; ge ~ för give expression
(vent) to -trycka tr rfl express [o.s.]
-trycklig a express, explicit
-tryckli-gen adv expressly, explicitly -trycks
|-full a expressive, full of expression
-trycks |lös a expressionless; [blick]
vacant -tråkad a [utterly] bored
-trade withdrawal, retirement
-tröttad a weary, tired out, jaded -tyda tr
decipher -tåg march [ing] out;
departure -tåga itr march out, depart
-tömd a emptied, empty; [krafter]
exhausted -tömning [läk.]

utllur prep out of -vakad a spent,
washed out, vigil-worn -väld a
chosen, select[ed]; [-korad] elect
-vandra itr emigrate -vandrare
emigrant -vandring [e]migration
-veckla I tr develop; [värme]
generate; unfold [synpunkter views] II rfl
develop [till into]; ~ sig till grow
into -veckling development; [-[ve-tensk.]-] {+[ve-
tensk.]+} evolution; [framsteg]
progress -verka tr obtain, procure,
secure -vidga I tr widen; [fys.] dilate,
distend; ~ en affär enlarge a business
II rfl widen, dilate, expand
-vidgning expansion, extension &c
-vik-ning digression -vilad a thoroughly
rested -visa tr 1 send out; expel
(banish) [from the country] 2 [visa]
indicate; framtiden får ~ time must
show -visning expulsion -vissla tr
hiss -väg [bildl.] [means of] escape,
expedient -välja tr choose [out],
select -vändig a outward, external
-vändigt adv outwardly -värtes a,
till ~ bruk for outward application
-växla tr exchange -växling
exchange; © gear[ing] -växt [-[out]-growth;-] {+[out]-
growth;+} protuberance; [bildl.]

utåt I aav outward[s] II prep, ~
landet out into the country -vänd a
turned (directed) outwards

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