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otill|låten        626        ovillkorlig|en

(short of requirements); ~låten unpermitted,

not permitted (allowed); (sport etc.) foul,

contrary to the rules; ~låten affischering (Br)

fly posting; (US) sniping; ~låtlig

inadmissible; disgraceful, outrageous

~tillräcklig insufficient, inadequate, short;

(betyg etc.) unsatisfactory, below standard, not

satisfactory (passable); ~ adress insufficient

address; ~t bemannad undermanned; ~t

emballage insufficient (defective) packing; ~t

frankerat brev insufficiently prepaid (stamped)

letter, shortpaid letter; ~ förpackning

insufficient packing; medel insufficient means

~tillräknelig; skyldig men ~ guilty but insane

o|tjänlig unserviceable, unsuitable, unfit for use

(föda food); ~tjärad; ~ tjärat tågvirke white

rope; ~tryckt unprinted; (~utgiven)

unpublished; ~tryckt sida blank page; ~trygg

insecure, uncertain, precarious; ~trygghet

insecurity, uncertainty, precariousness;

otränad untrained; (fam.) green; ~trängd; i

~ trängt mål without due (legal) cause,

unjustifiably, unnecessarily

ottoman ottoman, couch

O.T.-tävling (orienterings- och

tillförlitlighetstävling; ung.) [motor] rally; orienteering and

reliability race (contest, competition)

~ J~tvättad unwashed; ~ tvätt ad ull greasy wool;

otydlig indistinct, vague, faint, dim;

inarticulate; ~tydlig (oläslig) check blind cheque


~tät not tight (water-tight); (kärl etc.) leaky;

~ ljuddämpare leaky silencer; ~ad unstopped;

(sjö.) uncaulked; (tekn.) unpacked; ~at stål

rimmed (rimming) steel; ohet perviousness

oudin|resonator Oudin resonator; ~ström

Oudin current

o|umbärlig indispensable, necessary, essential,

required; all-important, basic, fundamental;

requisite; unavoidable; decisive; crucial,

imperative; ~umbärliga varor essential goods

(products, merchandise, commodities); vital

necessities; goods that cannot be dispensed

with; goods one cannot do without;

oundgänglig jfr ~umbärlig; ~undgängliga

importvaror indispensable import commodities

Oupp|löslig (kem.) insoluble, indissoluble; (fig.)

indissoluble; ~löst undissolved; ~odlad

uncultivated, untilled; waste; oskuren (om bok ;

fack.) unopened; ~sägbar (kontrakt)

irrevocable, non-terminable; (försäkringspolis)

non-cancellable; (fördrag) not subject to notice

(denunciation); (lån) irredeemable,

unredeemable; (ämbetsman) irremovable; (tjänsteman)

not subject to notice

out (delad; odelade vinstmedel undivided profits;

~forskad unexplored; (fig. äv.) unfathomed;

~förbar impracticable, unworkable,

unfeasible, unrealizable; impossible; ~förd

unperformed, unexecuted, not carried out; ~förda

uppdrag unexecuted transactions (business,

orders, commissions; tasks); ~given

unpublished ; onyttjad unused, not used, unutilized,

unexploited, undeveloped; (kapital etc.) idle;

(icke mera i bruk) disused; (äv.) dead;

~nyttjade belopp unutilized amounts; ~plånlig

ineffaceable; (fläck etc.) indelible; ~plånlig skrift

indelible writing (pencil); ovecklad

undeveloped, embryonic, in embryo; (person)

undeveloped, immature; (landetc.) undeveloped,

backward, underdeveloped

ovaccinerad uninoculated, unvaccinated

oval subst, ~val; II adj. ~val, (ej rund) out of

[the] round; ~apparat ~val-cutting

attachment; ~sax ~val-cutting machine, curve

shears; ~slipmaskin piston grinding

machine ; ~spår ~val groove (pass); ~stål ~vals;

os varv ~val-turning lathe; ~s varvad;

~svarvade arbeten ~val-turned wooden work;

osvarvning ~val turning

ovan adv. above; enligt ~ as indicated (shown,

mentioned, stated, pointed out, underlined,

emphasized) above (in the foregoing), as said

before; se ~ see above; (lat.) vide ante

(supra); som ~ [date] as [stated, mentioned]

above; som ~ nämnts (äv.) as already

mentioned; odel ( sko) quarter, top, leg;

~jordsanläggning surface, plant

(installation); ~, ordsarbetare (gruv.) surface (bank,

pit-head) labourer (man, worker); ~läder

upper leather, leather for vamps (uppers);

( sko) vamp, upper; rens kära ~läder to

trim uppers (lasting allowTance)

~ vanläders|avfall upper leather trimmings

(cuttings, waste); ~foder vamp lining;

~rengöringsmaskin upper cleaning machine;

~renskärnings maskin upper trimming


ovanläderstans upper-leather stamp; ~järn,

~kniv upper press knife, die for upper

leather; ~maskin upper press, clicking

machine (press)

ovanläders|uppruggnings maskin upper

roughing machine; oveckningsmaskin folding

press|for uppers]

ovan|nämnd above, abovementioned,

above-named, set forth above; jämlikt ~nämnda

lagrum in accordance with the stipulations

contained in the aforesaid section (sub-section,

paragraph); ~nämnd faktura the above

(abovementioned) invoice, the invoice mentioned

above, this invoice; ~smörjning top

cylinder lubrication; osnitt ( bok) top [edge],

head; förgyllt ~ snitt gilt top (top edge, head);

ostående se ~nämnd; med anledning av

~stàende on account of (because of, in view of,

on the strength of) the information (particulars

etc.) furnished above

ovari|tomi ovariotomy; ~um ovary

oveder|häftig unreliable, doubtful,

untrustworthy, irresponsible; ~lägglig irrefutable,

unanswerable, incontrovertible

overall overalls pl., dungarees pl.; (tränings-)

training (track) suit, sweat-suit, warming-up


oversetterforening (no.); Norsk Oo the

Association of Norwegian Translators

o|vetenskaplig unscientific; (äv.) unscholary;

ovidkommande irrelevant;

ovidkommande-hänsyn extraneous (irrelevant) considerations,,

considerations which are not to the point

ovikt (papper) flat

ovillkorlig unconditional; unqualified;

~anmälan (idrott etc.) unconditional entry; ~ dorn

unconditional sentence; ~en absolutely,

positively, without fail

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