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Project Runeberg's front page for February 1996:

Project Runeberg

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classic Nordic literature and art
on the Internet since 1992

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Did Karlfeldt make it into Cyberspace?

Project Runeberg had a tough job by the end of 1995, and it still takes a lot of time from us. We hope to have more time for this front page soon.

Can you use Project Runeberg at School?

In 1996 we hope and believe that Project Runeberg will be used in schools at all levels. We are looking for ways to help teachers and students in this, and we need your ideas! We already know that C A M Lindman's Illustrated Nordic Flora (in Swedish: Bilder ur Nordens Flora) is a popular item.

We hope that our index of Nordic Authors will grow to become a full-scale encyclopedia. This will strengthen the role of Project Runeberg as the Internet's most important Nordic literature resource. We invite literary societies who want information published about their Nordic authors.

Popular movements in the late 19th and early 20th century are an important part of Nordic history and we hope to publish some texts related to this. 70 years have passed since Hjalmar Branting died, so his speeches and texts are now in the Public Domain.

Project Runeberg is getting too dominated by Swedish material. To keep the balance, we need more input from other Nordic countries. We hope to publish Henrik Ibsen's "Ett dukkehjem" soon, one of the world's most famous theatre plays.

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