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(1882) With: Gustav Storm, Axel Kock, Erik Brate, Sophus Bugge, Gustaf Cederschiöld, Hjalmar Falk, Finnur Jónsson, Kristian Kålund, Nils Linder, Adolf Noreen, Gustav Storm, Ludvig F. A. Wimmer, Theodor Wisén
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Phillpotts: Sturt. 14

Hvad enten man er enig med mig pä alle punkter eller
ikke, forekommer det mig, at forekomsten af, hvad jeg her
har kaldt traditions-dubletter, er utvivlsom, og at man ved
behandlingen af de gamle digte bör tage også dette forhold i
betragtning. Jeg har derfor ment det rigtigst at fremkomme
med disse bemærkninger.

Juli 1903.

Finnur Jönsson.


The object of this study is to examine into the nature
of one of the chief agents in the Ragnarpk, or destruction
of the world, as given in the Northern myth. The chief
in-terest of the investigation lies in the fact that our final
con-clusion will justify us in forming an opinion, — or at least
in hazarding a conjecture, — as to the original home of the
Eddie poems.

This chief agent in the destruction of the world is of
course Surt. The only thing we know for certain about the
nature of this figure, who first makes his appearance as the
world is nearing its end, is that he is classed among giants.
(Sn. E. I. 550). The earliest mention of him is found in
Vpluspø’, verses 47, 51, 52, and allusions to him, dependent
upon Vøluspp’, are met with in Yafþrúþnesmg’l v. 18, 51,
and in Fáfnesmpl v. 14, 15. The name of ’dreadful Surt’
is also mentioned in Fjglsvmsmpl v. 18, where it is coupled
with that of the mysterious Sinmara. A secondary account
is given in Gylfaginning, in the following passages: Sn. E.
I. 40, 80, 188—190, 192, and in II. 292, where the
strange statement occurs that the best abode in the new
world is with Surt on Gimle. But this is usually held to
be a 8cribal error. Another description occurs in the 13th


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