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stats|makt        887        stats’telegram

ness; ~makt state authority, [the] power of

the State; (regering) [the] Government, [the]

State, [the] Executive; (pl. äv.) [government]

authorities; ~makternas politik the policy of

the Government (of the authorities, of those

in power); ~man statesman; ~maskineri

machinery of government; ~medborgare

citizen; national; subject; ~medel

government (state, public, treasury) fund[s], public

money, treasury means; they will receive

remuneration from State funds in accordance with

regulations issued by the King; behostas av ~medel

to be paid for out of Treasury funds; drivas

med ~medel to be subsidized [by the

Government, by the State]; understödd med ~medel

subsidized, Government-sponsored;

~meteorolog government (state) meteorologist;

Officer of the Swedish Meteorological and

Hydrological Institute; ~minister Prime

Minister, Premier; ~ministermöte [a] Prime

Ministers’ meeting (conference), [a] meeting

(conference) of Prime Ministers;

~minister-post premiership; ~monopol state

(government) monopoly; ~myndigheter

government (state, public) authorities, [the]

authorities ; utländsk ~myndighet foreign

governmental authority

statsobligation government (treasury) bond;

(pl. äv.) government securities (stocks); (äv.)

treasury (exchequer) bills; consols [:

consolidated stocks (funds)]; exchequer stock; the

new 3 per cent. Exchequer Stock 1962-63 offered

at 99½; brittiska ~er consols, consolidated

annuities; stödja kurserna ~er to support

the market for (the market quotations of)

Government bonds; ~s|lån funding issue

stats|organiserad state-organized; ~papper pl.

government securities; (äv.) treasury bills;

jfr ~obligation; affärsbankernas nettoköp av

~papper net purchase of Government

securities by the commercial banks;

Government securities held by the commercial banks;

fonderade (konsoliderade) ~papper consolidated

bonds (stocks, funds), consols; ~pensionär

government [employee] pensioner;

~plomberad; ~plomberat frö state-sealed seed;

~plombering government (state) sealing

[with ordinary certificate]; official certificate

of inspection; ~plombering med

kontrollodlings-bevis Government sealing with certificate of

controlled cultivation; ~polis national (state)

police [force]; (polisman) national (state) police

officer; (förbunds~polis) federal police [force;

officer]; (US delstat) state police force,

(polisman) state policeman (trooper); amerikanska

~polisen (federala polisen) the Federal Bureau

of Investigation, (förk.) FBI;

~polisintendent Commissioner of the National [Swedish]

Police Force; (äv.) Chief [National Police]

Superintendent; S~prøveanstalten

(Köpenhamn) the [Danish] Government Institute for

Materials Testing; ~reglerad

government-controlled; ~reglering state (government)

control; (av riksdagen) estimate of national

income and expenditure; [the] budget

estimates ; ~regleringsfond general fund;

~religion state religion; ~revision [the] auditing

of [the] public (state, national) accounts;

~revisor auditor of public (state, national)

accounts; parliamentary (state) auditor; auditor

appointed by the Swedish Parliament

(Riksdag); (Br ung.) Comptroller and Auditor

General; (äv.) Commissioner of Audit;

~roder heim of state

statsråd (ministär) council of state, cabinet

[council], ministry, government,

administration; (sammanträde) meeting of the Council

of State, Cabinet council (meeting, session),

council, King in Council; (person) Minister,

Cabinet Minister (member), [a] member of the

Council of State, Councillor of State, (Br äv.)

Minister of the Crown, Secretary of State,

(US äv.) Secretary; ett f.d. ~a former

Minister (an ex-Minister) of the Crown;

ett utomordentligt ~ (särskilt sammanträde) the

Council of State in extraordinary Council;

HerrMr. Minister; konsultativt —Minister

without Portfolio; (Br ung.: för

ekonomiska angelägenheter) Paymaster-General; (Br

äv.) Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster;

Lord President of the Council; Lord Privy

Seal; (allm.) non-departmental minister;

Konungen i ~et the King in Council; Konungens ~

the Council of State; Till Herr S~et och

Chefen för Handelsdepartementet To the Minister

of Commerce [and Industry]; ~inna [a]

cabinet minister’s wife

statsråds|beredningen (sammanträde) the

preliminary Cabinet meeting (session); (kansli)

the Cabinet Office; ~beslut cabinet decision;

(äv.) order in council; ~protokoll [the]

minutes kept at a meeting of the Cabinet

(Council of State); ~sammanträde (konselj)

[weekly] cabinet council (meeting, session),

council, meeting of the Council of State, King

in Council

stats|rätt constitutional law; ~rättslig

concerning constitutional law, constitutional;

~rättslig ställning [constitutional] status; the

status of the British Dominions; ~samtal

(tel.) government call; ~sekreterare Under

Secretary [of State]; (Br äv.) Parliamentary

Under-Secretary of State, Under-Secretary of

State [for Air], Under-Secretary; (äv.) State

Secretary; ~sekreterare i finansdepartementet

Under Secretary of the Treasury; ~sigill

state seal; ~skatt national (state) tax;

~skatteberedning state taxation drafting

commission; ~skeppet the ship of State; ~skick

constitution; constitutional practice; jfr

~form; ~skog crown (state) forest; ~skola

state school; ~skuld national debt; fonderad

~skuld funded [national] debt; (äv.)

consolidated bonds, consols; government perpetual

loans; [the] stocks; ~skuldbok national debt

book; ~socialism state socialism;

~socialistisk state socialist; ~stipendienämnd

government scholarship (grants) committee;

~stipendium government (public) scholarship

(grant); ~styre governmental rule;

administration [of the state]; (författning) constitution;

~stöd se ~understöd; ~subventionerad

state-subsidized (-supported); ~system

political organization; ~teater national theatre;

state[-owned] theatre; ~telegram govern-

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