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övergångs        1237        överklaga

selector; on (svetsn.; omvandlings~on)

transformation zone; (svetspåverhat grundmaterial)

zone of thermal disturbance, heat affected

zone; ~år transition period (years); (äv.)

climacteric|age, period]; [years of] puberty

överhastighet disengaging speed

överhet public authorities pl.t [the] authorities

pl.; ~s|person public officer; (äv.) magistrate

överhetta to overheat, to superheat;

overheated, superheated; (äv.) burnt; järn

superheated iron; ~d svets overheated weld;

~d ånga superheated (surcharged, dry) steam

(vapour, US vapor)

överhettar|e [steam] superheater; vattentömning

av ~e drainage of a superheater; ~lok

superheated steam locomotive; ~rör superheater

tube (pipe); ~spiral superheater coil; ~tub

superheater tube

överhettning (el) overheating, superheat,

overrunning; (ångmask.) superheating

överhettnings|grad degree of superheating,

superheat; ~metod working on dry

compression; ~mätare superheating meter;

värme superheat; ~yta superheating surface;

~zon (gjuteritekn.) superheating zone

överhov|jägmästare Master of the Chase; (äv.)

Master of the Buckhounds; Grand Master of

the Huntsmen; ~mästarinna Mistress of

the Robes; ~predikant First Chaplain [in

ordinary]; Chief Court Chaplain; (Br ung.)

Dean of the Chapels Royal; ~stallmästare

Master of the Horse; (äv.) Crown Equerry

överhud epidermis, cuticle; ~s|borttagare

cuticle remover; ~s|vävnad epidermal tissue

överhus (pari.) Upper House (Chamber); (Br)

[the] House of Lords, [the] Lords; (US) [the]


överhuvudtaget (nekande etc.) at all; ( det

hela taget etc.) on the whole, altogether, by

and large, in general, generally [speaking],

roughly speaking, for the most part, in the

long run, on an average, all in all, to all

intents and purposes, in the main, everything

(all things) considered, taking everything into

consideration, on balance, in the aggregate;

(äv.) in a general way, taking one thing with

another, taking all this into consideration;

everything (other things) being equal, this

being so, in the main, mainly, chiefly, in all

respects, substantially, as a rule, as a matter

of course, taking all things together, taking

all in all, in round numbers, invariably,

without exception, constantly, continually,

regularly, commonly, habitually, in the natural

order of things, effectually, throughout, from

first to last, from beginning to end, inside

and out, through and through, every inch

(bit), in every respect, on all counts, at all

points, for good and all, finally, lastly, in

conclusion, after all, all considered, therefore;

vi her Er meddela om det ~ är Er avsikt att

fortsätta leveranserna please inform us if you

have any intention at all to continue the

deliveries; vi her Er meddela oss om det ~ finns

några möjligheter till leveranser please let us

know if there are any possibilities at all of


överhypotek excess [collateral] security; ~ å

säkerheterna för ett lån excess [collateral] security

in the pledges given for a loan

överhäng|ande imminent, immediate,

impending; threatening; ~ande krigsfara imminent

risk of war; ~ande svårigheter impending

difficulties; ~d; ~d maska (text.) overhanged


överhärdning overcuring

överhöghet supremacy, sovereignty, suzerainty;

~s|rätt right of sovereignty, suzerainty

över|höring, ~horning (tel.) cross-talk;

~hörningsdämpning cross-talk attenuation;

~industrialisera to overindustrialize; ~ingenjör

chief engineer; (äv.) engineer-in-chief

överinseende supervision, superintendence; leda

bolagets verksamhet under styrelsens to conduct

the business of the company under the

supervision of the board of directors

överinspektör chief inspector (superintendent);

(järnv.; för bantjänst) chief maintenance

superintendent; (för maskintjänst) chief motive

power engineer; (för trafiktjänst) chief traffic

superintendent (manager); ~ i

fartygsinspektionsdistrikt Chief Inspector of Ships

överintecknad over-mortgaged, excessively (too

heavily) mortgaged

överintendent (museum) Director; (äv.)

Director and Keeper; Director, Keeper and

Secretary; First (Chief) Surveyor; (Chef för

National-museum) Director of the National [Swedish]

Museum of Fine Arts; (titulär hov-; ung.)

Honorary Keeper of the Privy Purse; jfr följ.;

Ö— och Chef för H.M. Konungens Hovförvaltning

First Keeper of the Privy Purse; och Chef

för Kungl. Husgerådskammaren First Surveyor

to the Royal Household

över|invaliditet excess disablement;

~investering overinvestment; ~isad covered with

ice, iced up; visning icing up; (flyg.)


överjägmästar|distrikt forest conservancy [area],

chief forest district; forest[-district]

superintendent, chief [district (regional)] forester,

chief forest officer, [chief] forest supervisor

(conservator), conservator of forests

överjäs|ning top fermentation; subst, top

yeast; adj. top-fermented

överkant top (upper) edge, upper side, top;

(kant behållare) rim, lip; bokstäver som stå

i ~ (typ.) superior letters; ligga i ~ to be

on the high side; vara tilltaget i ~ to be

far-fetched; ~s|typ (typ.) superior letter

över|kapacitet overcapacity; ~kapitalisera to

overcapitalize; ~kapitalisering


överkast (säng-) bedspread, counterpane, [bed-]

-coverlet, bedcover, loose cover; ~tyg

bedspread fabric

överkirurg senior (chief) surgeon

överklaga to appeal [to a court] against (from),

to lodge (file, enter, make) an appeal (objection)

[with a court] against (from), to give notice

of appeal, to [lodge a] protest against; to

contest, to dispute, to challenge; beslutet får

ej decision to be final; får ej (om

domstolsutslag) dismissal with prejudice; får

(om domstolsutslag) dismissal without prejudice;

~ en dom (i civilmål) to appeal against (from)

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