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(1872) [MARC] Author: Victor Emanuel Öman - Tema: Dictionaries
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to experience. F. sin lycka, to try one’s
fortune. -else, f. temptation.

försörja, v. a. to provide for, to maintain,
to support. Han är försörjd, he is
provided for. F. sig, to maintain one’s
self, to live (on). -are, m. provider,
maintainer, supporter. -ning, f.
maintenance, sustenance, support. -ningsanstalt,
f. charitable institution, asylum.

försötma, v. a. to sweeten.

förtaga, v. a. to take away, to remove,
to annihilate. F. sig, to overwork one’s
self; to make a mistake.

förtal, n. slander, calumniation, calumny,
backbiting, defamation. -a, v. a. to slander,
to calumniate, to defame. F. sig, to
speak amiss; to babble out. -are, m.

förtappad, adj. lost, perished, damned.
-else, f. perdition, damnation.

förteckning, f. list, catalogue, inventory.

förtenna, v. a, to tin. -are, m. tinner.
-ing, f. tinning.

förtid, m. time of yore. I f., before the
time, too [over] soon, too early, prematurely.
-ig, adj. premature, precipitate.

för-tiga, v. a. to conceal, to keep secret,
to suppress, not to mention. -tigande,
n. concealment, suppression. -ti(e)gen,
adj. close, taciturn. -ti(e)genhet, f.
reticence, taciturnity.

förtjusa, v. a. to charm, to fascinate,
to enrapture, to enchant, to bewitch, to
ravish. -are, m. enchanter. -erska, f.
enchantress. -ning, f. rapture, enthusiasm,
transport, enchantment, charm.

förtjäna, v. a. (vinna) to gain, to earn;
(vara värd) to deserve, to merit. F. på
en affär,
to clear by an affair. -st, f.
profit, gain; (moralisk) merit, desert.
-stfull, adj. meritorious, deserving. -t,
adj. deserving (of), worthy (of); (af
deserving (of). En f. man, a man
of great merit. Han har gjort sig väl f.
af sitt fosterland,
he has deserved well
his country.

förtona, v. n. (sjöt.) to loom, to appear.

förtorka, v. a. to dry up, to exsiccate.
- v. n., -s, v. d. to grow dry, to dry.

förtraf, m. vanguard.

förtrampa, v. a. to trample [tred]

förtret, m. (förargelse) harm, vexation,
provocation, annoyance, mortification,
trouble; (skada) harm, hurt. I f-en, out
of spite, -a, v. a. to vex, to annoy, to
provoke, to irritate, to fret, to mortify.
-ad, part. vexed (at), irritated (at, with).
-lig, adj. vexatious, annoying, provoking,
irksome. -lighet, f. vexatious matter,
annoyance, vexation, trouble.

förtro, v. a. to trust (one with something).
F. sig åt ngon, to confide in one,
to unbosom one’s self to one; to make
one one’s confidant. -ende, n. confidence
(in), trust (in). Göra ngon ett f. af, to
make one confident of. I f. sagdt, spoke
in confidence [under the rose]. -endepost,
m. place of confidence. -gen, adj.
intimate (with), familiar (with), (kunnig)
conversant (with). Göra sig f. med, to
familiarize one’s self with. -lig, adj.
confidential, familiar, intimate. F. brefvexling,
close correspondence. -lighet, f.
intimacy, familiarity, confidence. -ligt,
adv. confidently, familiarly.

förtrolla, v. a. to bewitch, to enchant,
to charm, to fascinate. -ande, adj.
charming &c. -ning, f. enchantment,
bewitchment, fascination, charm. Lösa
to break [dissolve] the charm.

förtropp, förtrupp, m. vanguard.

förtruten, adj. angry (at).

förtryck, n. oppression, grievance, hardship.
-a, v. a. to oppress. -are, m. oppressor.

förtryta, v. a. to regret, to repent, to rue;
to take offence at. Det f-er mig, I am
sorry. Icke låta sig f., to spare no pains.
-else, f. anger, resentment, grudge;
regret (at). -sam, adj. offended (at),
piqued (at), angry (at). -samhet, se

förtråfflig, adj. excellent, capital,
admirable, fine. -het, f. excllence,
goodness. -t, adj. excellently, capitally,

förtrösta, v. n. to trust (in), to confide
(in). -n, f. confidence, trust. -nsfull,
adj. confiding.

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