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Linkage between Project Runeberg and Wikipedia, 2007

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Linkage between Project Runeberg and Wikipedia,
statistics from 2007

by Lars Aronsson, November 19, 2007

Project Runeberg encourages increased use of links between itself and Wikipedia. In addition to our free electronic editions of out-of-copyright Scandinavian literature, we provide presentations of Nordic Authors, which increasinlgy contain links to Wikipedia articles. Correspondingly, both Scandinavian and other language versions of Wikipedia have found useful texts and images in the books digitized by Project Runeberg. Sometimes the public domain content is copied, other times a link is provided.

Links from Wikipedia to Project Runeberg

The contents of Wikipedia can be analyzed by downloading complete database dumps. These are named, for example svwiki-20071020 for the dump of the Swedish language Wikipedia on October 20, 2007.

Dump Number of
Number of
URLs in
Top linked
Top linked
Top templates
and parameters
dawiki-20071111 808 92
 629× dbl
  79× salmonsen
  17× nfildalihidagligt
  15× dbl/Frontdbl/19/0086.htmldbl/12/0196.htmldbl/11/0347.html
  88× <ref>...</ref>
   2× {{Salmonsens|...}}
   2× {{DBL|...}}
fiwiki-20071013 152 32
  93× pieni
  17× sbh
  17× nfauthorsnordflornf
  27× <ref>...</ref>
   3× {{Verkkoviite|Osoite=...}}
   2× {{Kirjaviite|Nimike=...}}
fowiki-20071102 8 0
iswiki-20071110 7 0
nnwiki-20071114 82 4
  13× dbl
  12× salmonsen
  10× authorsnfFront
   3× <ref>...</ref>
nowiki-20071019 446 14
 113× nf
  88× dbl
  75× folkeven
  51× salmonsen
  11× sbhauthorsilnolihi
  14× <ref>...</ref>
plwiki-20071021 48 0
svwiki-20071020 7203 1378
 3720× authors*
 1830× nf
  584× nordflor
  168× spg
  139× sbh
   95× sondag
   50× swisornw
   38× psalmbok
   33× sqvinnor
   28× svetym
  41× nf/
  14× sverhist/
  13× sondag/0020.html
  12× Front
  10× sbh/dbl/spg/26/0297.htmlnfba/0021.htmlnfbp/0672.htmlnfba/0673.html
 1010× {{Ugglan|url=...}}
  168× <ref>...</ref>
   43× {{Psalmrad|n=...}}
   37× {{Txxnomu|n=...}}
   23× {{Webbref|url=...}}
   21× {{SBH|url=...}}
   15× {{Psalmrad|t=...}}

*) However, all but 12 of these come from a single page, Wikipedia:Projekt litteratur/Nordic Authors 2007.

Links from Nordic Authors to Wikipedia

Many of Project Runeberg's presentations of Nordic Authors contain links to Wikipedia and some other websites. A total of 31,653 author names are listed in our database and 7,614 of them have shorter or longer presentations. Slightly more than half of these, 4,330 presentations, contain a total of 9,663 links, in a system similar to Wikipedia's interwiki links. These links go to the following websites:

Count Link target Website
1074litteraturpriser Danske Litteraturpriser ved Niels Jensen
1045sv Svenska Wikipedia
843runeberg Individual URLs within Project Runeberg
840bibliografidk bibliografi.dk
836skriftno skrift.no, Norsk Forfattersentrum
576nf Nordisk familjebok, within Project Runeberg
572en English Wikipedia
408no Norske (bokmål) Wikipedia
399de Deutsche Wikipedia
384libris Libris, catalog of the Royal Library, Stockholm
294ne Nationalencyklopedin
220fr French Wikipedia
195da Danske Wikipedia
175susning Susning.nu, a wiki in Swedish
173kalliope Kalliope.org, a Danish poetry database
171kirjasto Kuusankoski Public Library, Finland
167pl Polish Wikipedia
155nl Dutch Wikipedia
151eo Esperanto Wikipedia
150nn Norske (nynorsk) Wikipedia
139fi Finnish Wikipedia
124gutenberg Project Gutenberg
94es Spanish Wikipedia
70adl Arkiv for Dansk Litteratur
59et Estonian Wikipedia
45gamledanske Gamle Danske Sange ved Jørgen Ebert
39is Icelandic Wikipedia
35kulturnett Kulturnett.no
34histhint Norsk Litteratur. Hist & Hint ved Knut-Anders Løken
26sbl Svenskt biografiskt lexikon
25pt Portuguese Wikipedia
24gutenbergde Projekt Gutenberg-DE

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