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Author: Ignaz Emanuel Wessely
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Abbé, m. abbot, Abbédissa, f. abbess.

Abbédisskloster, n. abbey.

Abbot, m. abbot, Abbotsdöme, Abbotsstift, n. abbey.

Abbreviation, Abbreviatur, f. abbreviation.

Abbreviera, v. a. abbreviate.

Abcbok, f. hornbook, primer.

Aborre, m. perch.

Abrahamsrot, f. stork's-bill, geranium silvaticum.

Absentera sig, v. r. to absent one's self.

Absolvera, v. a. to absolve, to finish.

Abstrahera, v. a. to abstract (from).

Accent, m. accent.

Accentuera, v. a. to accentuate, to accent.

Accept, m. acceptance.

Acceptant, m. accepter.

Acceptera, v. a. to accept.

Accis, m. excise.

Accisbar, a. exciseable.

Acciskammare, f. excise-office

Ack! i. alas! oh!

Ackord, n. accord; agreement; contract; bargain.

Ackordera, v. n. to contract, to enter into a contract; to bargain; to agree, to covenant, to compound.
Ackordera med sina kreditorer, to compound with one's creditors.

Ackurat, a. accurate, precise.

Ada, f. Adarfågel, m. eider-duck.

Adalboren, a. legitimate, lawfully begotten.

Adaljord, f. fertile ground.

Adalport, m. principal passage.

Adalvildt, n. higher sort of game.

Addera, v. a. to add.

Addering, f. Addition, m. addition.

Adel, m. nobility.

Adelig, a. noble.

Adelsbref, m. patent of nobility.

Adelsdam, f. lady, noblewoman.

Adelsman, m. nobleman.

Adelskap, n. nobility, nobleness.

Adelsmatrikel, m. book of the peerage.

Adelsvapen, n. coat of arms.

Aderton, num. eighteen.

Adertonde, a. eighteens.

Adjunkt, m. assistant, substitute.

Adjö, int. adieu, good bye.

Adla, v. a. to ennoble.

Adoptera, v. a. to adopt, to affiliate.

Adress, m. address, direction, superscription.

Adressera, v. a. to direct.

Adresskalender, s. directory.

Adresskontor, s. intelligence-office.

Advocera, v. n. to practice the law.
Advocera för en, to plead one's cause.

Advokat, m. lawyer, attorney, advocate, barrister.

Advokatfiskal, m. public prosecutor, attorney.

Advokatur, m. advocacy.

Af, prp. of, from, upon, by, with, out of.
af Gudi, from God.
komma af sig, to go backward in business, to go down the wind.
komma af sig i talet, to be at a nonplus, to be at a stand.
bli af med en sjukdom, to get rid of a distemper.
vara af med en, to be rid of one, to be shut of one.
när skal detta bli af? when is that to happen?
den saken blir ingenting af, that business will come to nothing.
af och an, af och till, to and fro.
gå af, to break.
käppen är af, the stick is broke.

Afarbeta, v. a. to clear by working.

Afart, m. variety.

Afbalka, v. a. to partition.

Afbarka, v. a. to bark.

Afbedja, v. a. to deprecate, to beg off.

Afberga, v. a. to harvest.

Afbeta, v. a. to depasture, to graze, to browse.

Afbetala, v. a. to pay off.

Afbetsla, v. a. to take off the bridle.

Afbida, v. a. to wait for, to stay for, to attend, to expect, to abide.
Afbida slut i saken, to attend the issue.

Afbild, f. image, copy.

Afbilda, v. a. to draw, to paint, to delineate, to portray, to copy, to form.

Afbinda, v. a. to unbind, to separate.

Afbita, v. a. to bite off; to graze.

Afblekna, v. a. to grow pale.

Afblåsa, v. a. & n. to blow off, to blow away.
Afblåsa en riksdag, to proclaim the end of a diet.

Afbläda, v. a. to pull off the leaves.

Afborsta, v. a. to brush off.

Afbraka, v. n. T. to decrepitate.

Afbrinna, v. n. to burn down; to discharge.

Afbrista, v. n. to break of.

Afbrott, n. interruption, stop, contrast.

Afbruten, a. broken, interrupted.

Afbryta, v. a. to break, to interrupt, to leave off, to discontinue.

Afbräck, n. annoyance, damage, abatement, abridgment.
göra Afbräck, to damage, to injure.

Afbränna, v. a. to burn, to burn down.
Afbränna ett fyrverkeri, to play off a firework.

Afbränning, f. loss, decrease, damage, expenditure.

Afbulta, v. a. to knock off.

Afböja, v. a. to divert, to avert, to wave.
Afböja ett slag, to ward off a blow, to parry a blow.

Afbön, f. deprecation.
göra Afbön, to deprecate, to beg pardon.

Afbörda, v. a. & n. to lead off; to flow off; to pay off; to discharge.
Afbörda en skuld, to pay a debt.
Afbörda sig, v. r. to exonerate one's self; to get rid of; to flow into.

Afdagataga, v. a. to put to death, to dispatch.

Afdamma, v. a. to free from dust.

Afdanka, v. a. to disband, to cashier, to dismiss.
en afdankad officer, a discarded officer.

Afdankning, f. dismission, disbanding.

Afdela, v. a. to divide, to parcel.

Afdelning, f. section, division; detachment.

Afdika, v. a. to ditch off.

Afdrag, n. subtraction, deduction; proof-sheet, copy.

Afdraga, v. a. to deduct, to subtract; to skin, to flay; to print.

Afdragare, m. flayer.

Afdricka, v. a. to drink off, to sip off.

Afdrifning, f. driving off; T. putting to the test.

Afdrift, m. T. leeway.

Afdrifva, v. a. to drive away, to beat back, to turn away; T. to put to the test.

Afdrifvande, a. purgative.

Afdrifvare, m. T. refiner (of metals).

Afdrypa, v. n. to drop off, to trickle down.

Afdunsta, v. n. to evaporate.

Afdåna, v. n. to swoon a way; to faint.

Afdåning, f. swoon.

Afdämma, v. a. to dam, to keep off by a dam.

Afdöma, v. a. to pass sentence, to judge, to decide.
Afdöma en process, to determine a lawsuit.

Affall, n. defection, desertion.
Affall ifrån läran, apostasy.
vattnets Affall, declivity.

Affalla, v. n. to fall off; to decay; to desert; to apostatize.

Affara, v. n. to set out.

Affatta, v. a. to sketch, to delineate, to compose, to perform, to describe.

Affekt, s. affection, emotion.

Affektera, v. a. to affect.

Affila, v. a. to file off.

Affinna sig, v. r. to come to terms, to settle, to agree with.

Affisch, s. placard; playbill.

Affjälla, v. a. to scale.

Affjällning, f. desquamation.

Afflyta, v. n. to flow off.

Afflytta, v. a. to remove.

Afflå, v. a. to flay, to strip off.

Affordra, v. a. to demand, to exact.

Afforma, v. a. to form, to shape, to mould.

Affällig, a. revolted, fallen away.

Affällighet, f. apostasy, rebelliousness.

Affälling, m. apostate; revolter.

Affär, s. affair, business, transaction.

Affärd, m. departure; dispatch; death.

Affärda, v. a. to dispatch, to expedite; to return a sharp answer.

Afföda, f. progeny, offspring; issue; brood, breed.

Affölja, v. a. to render, to remit.
låta Affölja, to send, to deliver.

Afföra, v. a. to carry away, to carry off; to deduct; to pay; to purge.

Afförande, a. purging.

Afgift, m. duty, impost, excise.

Afgifva, v. a. to deliver up.

Afgjord, a. settled, done; jfr. Afgöra.

Afgjuta, v. a. to form, to cast.

Afglömma, v. a. to forget.

Afgnaga, v. a. to gnaw off.

Afgrund, m. abyss; pit; hell.

Afgrundfoster, n. hellish crew.

Afgrundsilk, a. hellish, infernal.

Afgud, m. idol.

Afguda, v. a. to idolize.

Afgudbeläte, n. simulacre.

Afguddyrkare, m. idolater.

Afguderi, n. idolatry.

Afgudisk, a. idolatrous.

Afgå, v. n. to go away, to go off; to depart; to die.
Afgå med döden, to decease.
det afgår i räkningen, it will be deducted in the account.

Afgång, m. decease: departure; sale, vent.
en bok som har Afgång, a book that takes.

Afgäld, m. rent.

Afgärda, v. a. to enclose, to fence in, to hedge off.

Afgöra, v. a. to dispatch, to settle, to arrange.
hans sak är afgjord, his business is done.
Afgöra en sak, to settle a business.
det är en afgjord sak, it is agreed on all hands.
låtom oss taga för afgjordt, let us take for granted.

Afgörande, a. decisive, positive.

Afgörande, ad. decisively.

Afhacka, v. a. to cut off, to chop off.

Afhaka, v. a. to hook off.

Afhalka, v. n. to slide, to slip from.

Afhandla, v. a. to transact, to treat.

Afhandling, f. dissertation, treatise; transaction, negociation.

Afhemta, v. a. to fetch off, to fetch away.

Afhjelpa, v. a. to redress.

Afhugga, v. a. to cut off, to abscind, to chop off, to hew off, to amputate.

Afhuggning, f. abscission.

Afhysa, v. a. Afhysa ett hemman, Afhysa en gård, to pull down the buildings of a farm.

Afhålla, v. a. to withhold, to hold back, to restrain.
Afhålla sig, v. r. to forbear, to abstain.
Afhålla sig ifrån tårar, to refrain from tears.
jag kunde ej Afhålla mig ifrån skratt, I could not help laughing.

Afhållen, a. beloved.

Afhäfva, v. a. to lift off.

Afhälla, v. a. to pour off, to decent.

Afhällningsdike, n. sink, gutter.

Afhända, v. a. to deprive off, to strip off.
Afhända sig lifvet, to make away with one's self.

Afhändelig, a. alienable.

Afhängig, a. dependant, dependent.

Afhängighet, f. dependency.

Afhärfla, v. n. to reel. off.

Afhölja, v. a. to uncover, to unveil.

Afhöra, v. a. to hear, to listen to.
Afhöra en predikan, to listen to a sermon.
Afhöra vitnen, to hear, to examine witnesses.

Afhörande, n. examining, trial.

Afkamma, v. a. to comb off.

Afkanta, v. a. to cut off the corners, to plain the edges.

Afkappa, v. a. to cut (the cable).

Afkasta, v. a. to cast off, to throw off; to profit; to yield.
egendomen afkaster icke mycket, the estate does not yield much.

Afkastning, f. rent, revenue.

Afklippa, v. a. to pare off, to clip off, to shear off.
afklippt ull, fleece.

Afklyfva, v. a. to cleave off, to split.

Afkläda, v. a. to undress, to unclothe, to strip.
Afkläda sig all blygsel, to be quite shameless.
Afkläda sig sin rätt, to devest one's self of one's right.

Afknappa, v. a. to lessen, to curtail, to derogate.

Afknapra, v. a. to crunch off, to nibble off.

Afknipa, v. a. to nib off, to pinch off.

Afknyta, v. a. to tie off.

Afknäppa, v. a. to unbutton.

Afkok, s. decoction.

Afkoka, v. a. to boil.

Afkomling, m. descendant.

Afkomma, f. offspring.

Afkomst, m. revenue.

Afkoppla, v. a. to untie the couple.

Afkorta, v. a. to abridge; to abbreviate; to curtail.
Afkorta ett tal, to cut short a discourse.
Afkorta något på ens lön, to curtail one's wages.

Afkortning, f. abridgment.

Afkrafsa, v. a. to scratch off.

Afkratta, v. a. to rake off.

Afkunna, v. a. to proclaim, to publish, to denounce.
Afkunna lysning, to bid the bans.
Afkunna dom, to pronounce sentence.

Afkyla, v. a. to cool, to quench, to refresh.

Afkylning, f. cooling, refreshment.

Afköpa, v. a. to buy, to purchase.

Afla, v. n. to conceive.
Afla, v. a. to beget.
Afla barn, to beget children.

Aflagd, part, af aflägga, disused, out of use, set aside.

Aflelse, m. conception.

Aflig, a. fecund.

Aflassa, Aflasta, v. a. to unload.

Aflassare, m. unloader, discharger.

Aflat, n. indulgences, the pope's pardons.

Aflatsbref, n. indulgences.

Aflatskrämare, m. pardon-monger, seller of indulgences.

Afleda, v. a. to lead off, to divert, to turn away.
Afleda vatten ifrån en mosse, to drain a moss.
Afleda ifrån rätta vägen, to seduce; to mislead.

Afledare, s. conductor.

Aflefva, f. relic; rest, remainder, residue.

Aflemna, v. a. to deliver, to remit.

Aflena, v. n. to thaw off.

Afleverera, v. a. to deliver, to remit.

Aflida, v. n. to expire, to die, to decease.
den aflidne konungen, the late (deceased) king.
hennes aflidne man, her defunct husband.

Aflifva, v. a. to execute, to put to death, to kill.

Aflinda, v. a. to unfold, to unwind.

Aflisma, v. a. to coax out of.

Aflocka, v. a. to entice away, to obtain by blandishment.
Aflocka någon en hemlighet, to draw a secret from one.

Aflopp, n. drain; issue, event.

Afloppsdike, n. drain.

Afloppsränna, f. kennel, sink.

Afloppsså, m. cooling-tub.

Aflossa, v. a. to untie, to relax.

Aflyfta, v. a. to lift off.

Aflysa, v. a. to abrogate.
Aflysa riksdagen, to give public notice of the dissolution of a diet.
all utförsel af spannmål aflystes, the exportation of grain was prohibited.

Aflång, a. oblong, oval.

Aflåta, v. a. to cease; to leave off; to forbear; to let.
Aflåta en skrifvelse, to promulgate a writing.
hon aflät icke att bedja, she did not cease entreating.

Aflägga, v. a. to lay aside, to lay by, to abolish.
Aflägga besök, to pay a visit.
Aflägga sorgedrägt, to leave off the mourningsuit.
Aflägga vitnesbörd, to bear witness.
Aflägga en ed, to take an oath.
Aflägga en berättelse, to report.

Afläggare, m. layer, set, cutting.

Aflägse, ad. far from, out of the way.

Aflägsen, a. aside, remote, distant.

Aflägsenhet, f. remoteness.

Aflägsna, v. a. to remove.

Aflöna, v. a. to pay off.

Aflöning, f. pay, payment; wages.

Aflöpa, v. n. to run off, to turn out, to terminate.
hvem vet huru det vill Aflöpa? who knows what will be the result of this?

Aflösa, v. a. to absolve, to untie, to unbind.
Aflösa en skildtvakt, to relieve a sentry.

Aflösning, f. untying; relief; absolution.

Afmagra, v. n. to grow lean.

Afmala, v. a. to grind.

Afmarschera, v. n. to march off; to decamp.

Afmasta, v. a. to unmast.

Afmatta, v. a. to enfeeble, to weaken, to tire out.
Afmatta sig, to exhaust one's self.

Afminska, v. a. to diminish, to lessen.

Afmota, v. a. to drive away.

Afmåla, v. a. to draw, to picture, to portray; to describe.

Afmäta, v. a. to measure off, to mete, to take the dimension.
Afmäta med ett snöre, to measure out with the line.
Afmäta ett läger, to mark out a camp.

Afmätning, a. mensuration.

Afnappa, v. a. to pull off.

Afnarra, v. a. to cheat.

Afnypa, v. a. to pinch off.

Afnämare, m. purchaser, customer.

Afnöta, v. a. to wear away, to wear off.

Afnött, a. worn out.

Aforism, m. aphorism.

Afpacka, v. a. to unpack, to unload.

Afparera, v. a. to parry, to ward off.

Afpassa, v. a. to adapt, to suit, to fit.
Afpassa det ena efter det andra, to square a thing by another.
Afpassa tiden, to time, to regulate as to time.
afpassad efter hans sinne, accommodated to his mind.

Afpina, v. a. to extort.

Afplana, v. a. to level, to plain, to efface.

Afplanka, v. a. to divide by a fence.

Afplankning, f. partition of planks.

Afplatta, v. a. to make flat and even.

Afplocka, v. a. to gather, to pluck off.

Afpocka, v. a. to bully one out of a thing.

Afprata, v. a. to talk one out of a thing.

Afpressa, v. a. to squeeze off, to extort.

Afpricka, v. a. to point out, to distinguish by points.

Afpruta, v. a. to abate, to chaffer.

Afputsa, v. a. to wipe off, to cleanse.

Afpåla, v. a. to pale, to enclose with pales.

Afqvista, v. a. to lop off.

Afqvitta, v. a. to deduct.

Afrad, m. rent, tribute, aver-corn.

Afradstionde, m. tithes paid from land.

Afraka, v. a. to shave off, to rake off.

Afrappa, v. a. to white-wash, to plaster.

Afraspa, v. a. to rasp off.

Afreda, v. a. to thicken.

Afresa, v. n. to depart, to set out, to start.

Afresa, f. departure, going away.

Afrifva, v. a. to pull off, to tear off.
Afrifva huden, to gall the skin.

Afrinna, v. n. to flow sway; to drip, to trickle down.

Afrista, v. a. to shake off.

Afrita, v. a. to delineate, to draw.

Afritning, f. delineation, draught, sketch.

Afrosta, v. n. to rust off.

Afrulla, v. a. & n. to roll down.

Afrunda, v. a. to round.

Afruttna, v. n. to rot off.

Afrycka, v. a. to pull off, to pluck off.

Afråda, v. a. to dissuade, to dehort.

Afrådan, n. dissuasion.

Afrådande, a. dissuasive.

Afräkna, v. a. to subtract, to deduct.

Afräkning, f. deduction.

Afräte, n. useless halm.

Afrätta, v. a. to execute, to put to death.

Afrättning, f. execution.

Afrättsplats, m. place of execution.

Afrödja, Afröja, v. a. to remove.
afröjd mark, cleared ground.

Afrödjande, n. cultivation.

Afröka, v. n. to evaporate.

Afrösa, v. a. to set landmarks, to limit.

Afsadla, v. a. to unsaddle.

Afsagd, part. af afsäga.
Afsagd fiende, sworn enemy.
Afsagd dom, pronounced sentence.

Afsaknad, f. regret; miss, want, loss.

Afsalu, n. sale.
till Afsalu, for sale.

Afsats, m. shelf, broad step; terrace.

Afse, v. n. to aim at, to tend to, to design, to have in view.

Afseende, n. respect, regard, intent, intention, purpose.
i Afseende på, in respect to, with regard to.
detta har Afseende på det föregående, this alludes to the foregoing.

Afsegla, v. n. to set sail, to sail off.

Afsela, v. a. to unharness.

Afsides, ad. aside, apart, distant, out of the way.
gå Afsides, to retire.

Afsigkommen, a. decayed, broken; confounded.

Afsigt, m. view, end, purpose, intention, design.

Afsila, v. a. to filter.

Afsilning, f. decantation, filtration, excretion.

Afsina, v. n. to dry.

Afsinad, a. barren, sterile.

Afsitta, v. a. to pay off (a debt) by sitting in prison.

Afsitta, v. n. to dismount, to alight (from a horse).

Afsjunga, v. a. to sign off.

Afskaf, n. shavings, parings.

Afskafning, f. scraping.

Afskafva, v. a. to scrape off, to abrade.

Afskaffa, v. a. to abolish, to repeal, to rescind, to take off, to set aside.

Afskaffande, n. abrogation.

Afskaka, v. a. to shake off.

Afskala, v. a. to pare, to peel off.

Afsked, n. farewell, leave, congee; discharge, dismission.
taga Afsked ur tjensten, to give up one's commission.

Afskeda, v. a. to discharge, to dismiss.

Afskedsbesök, n. farewell-visit.

Afskedsbref, n. letter of discharge.

Afskedsdryck, m. parting-cup.

Afskedspredikan, f. valedictory sermon.

Afskedsskål, m. farewell-toast.

Afskicka, v. a. to dispatch, to send away, to detach.

Afskickning, f. dismission, sending away.

Afskilja, v. a. to separate, to part, to withdraw; T. to precipitate.
Afskilja svafvelaktiga delar, to clear from sulphur.
afskild lefnad, retirement.

Afskjuta, v. a. to discharge, to fire, to shoot, to let off (a gun).

Afskrap, n. scrapings, refuse, dregs, filth.

Afskrapa, v. a. to scrape away.

Afskrifning, f. copying; deduction.

Afskrift, m. copy, transcript.

Afskrifva, v. a. to copy, to transcribe, to write out.

Afskrifvare, m. copier.

Afskrubba, v. a. to skrub off.

Afskrufva, v. a. to unscrew.

Afskräcka, v. a. to deter, to discourage (from any thing).

Afskräde, n. scrapings, filings, offal, refuse.

Afskudda, v. a. to shake off.

Afskum, m. scum, froth.

Afskumma, v. a. to skim off, to skum off, to fleet, to despumate.
afskummad mjölk, fleetmilk.

Afskura, v. a. to scour off.

Afsky, m. aversion, abhorrence.

Afskyvärd, a. abominable.

Afskära, v. a. to cut off, to amputate.
Afskära svansen på en häst, to dock a horse.
Afskära säden, to mow.

Afskärning, f. amputation, abscission.

Afskölja, v. a. to wash away.

Afslag, n. denial, refusal; T. lochia.
Afslag på priset, abatement of the price.

Afslicka, v. a. to lick off.

Afslipa, v. a. to grind off; to polish, to smoothe.

Afslita, v. a. to break, to tear off.

Afsluta, v. a. to conclude, to determine, to balance, to settle (an account).

Afslå, v. a. to beat down, to break, to cut off, to refuse, to deny, to repulse, to abate.

Afslöja, v. a. to unveil, to uncover.

Afsmak, m. disgust, distate, dislike.

Afsmaklig, a. disgustful, loathsome.

Afsmalna, v. n. to grow smaller.

Afsmula, v. a. to crumble off.

Afsmälla, v. a. to fire off, to discharge.

Afsmälta, v. a. to melt off.

Afsneda, v. a. to cut bias, to slope off.

Afsnäsa, v. a. to huff off.

Afsomna, v. n. to die, to expire.

Afsopa, v. a. to sweep off.

Afspegla, v. a. to reflect, to mirror.

Afspetsa, v. a. to point, to sharpen.

Afspillra, v. a. to exfoliate; to shiver.

Afspinna, v. a. to spin off.

Afspisa, v. a. to feed, to supply.
Afspisa en med fagra ord, to put one off with fair words.

Afsplittra, v. a. to splinter off.

Afspola, v. a. to unspool.

Afspringa, v. n. to spring, to burst.

Afsprång, n. leap; digression; difference, contrast.

Afsprätta, v. a. to pick off, to rip off.

Afspänna, v. a. to unbuckle, to unbend.

Afspärra, v. a. to shut out, to debar; to stop (ångan).

Afstadna, Afstanna, v. n. to cease, to stop, to cease to go forward.
all handel är afstannad, there is a total stagnation in trade.
blod som afstannar, blood that stagnates.

Afsteg, n. slip, digression.

Afsticka, v. a. to point, to pitch.

Afsticka, v. n. to contrast (with).

Afstiga, v. a. to dismount, to alight.

Afstraffa, v. a. to punish, to chastise.

Afstraffning, f. punishment.

Afstryka, v. a. to wipe off; to strip off.

Afstråk, n. T. litharge.

Afstympa, v. a. to mutilate, to mangle, to main, to curtail, to cut short.

Afstyra, v. a. to avert, to divert, to turn aside, to turn off, to prevent.

Afstyrka, v. a. to dissuade, to divert.

Afstå, v. n. & a. to desist, to give up, to yield up, to resign.
Afstå sin talan, to disclaim one's pretension.

Afstånd, n. distance, difference.

Afstänga, v. a. to separate, to seclude, to confine from, to exclude, to shut out.

Afstängsel, a. fence.

Afstöka, v. a. to put in order, to clear.

Afstöta, v. a. to thrust off.

Afsugare, m. layer.

Afsvala, Afsvalka, v. a. to cool, to refrigate.

Afsvalna, v. n. to evaporate, to cool.

Afsveda, v. a. to singe off.

Afsvimma, v. n. to faint, to swoon away.

Afsvärja, v. a. to abjure.

Afsvärjande, n. abjuration.

Afsåga, v. a. to saw off.

Afsäga, v. a. to abdicate, to resign.

Afsägelse, n. abdication.

Afsälja, v. a. to sell off.

Afsända, v. a. to dispatch, to send away.

Afsändare, m. dispatcher, consigner.

Afsänka, v. a. T. to sink a shaft.

Afsätta, v. a. to take off; to sell; to degrade, to depose, to remove, to dethrone.

Afsättande, n. deprivation, suspension.

Afsättning, f. removal; vent, sale; T. amputation.

Afsöndra, v. a. to separate, to disunite, to part; to secrete.

Afsöndring, f. separation, segregation.

Aftacka, v. a. to dismiss, to disband.

Aftackla, v. a. to unrig.

Aftackla, v. n. to grow weak, to decline.

Aftaga, v. a. to take off, to remove; to delineate, to portray.

Aftaga, v. n. to decrease, to decay, to grow less; to decline, to wear away; to wane.

Aftagande, n. decrease, decline; wane.

Aftagare, m. buyer, customer; flayer.

Aftal, n. agreement, stipulation.

Aftala, v. a. to appoint; to concert, to agree upon.

Aftappa, v. a. to draw off, to tap, to empty, to decant, to drain, to bottle.

Afteckna, v. a. to draw, to delineate.

Afteckning, f. drawing out, sketch.

Afton, m. evening, even.
i går aftons, last night.
i Afton, to night.

Aftondagg, m. night-dew.

Aftonmusik, f. night-music, serenade.

Aftonmåltid, m. supper.
hålla Aftonmåltid, to sup.

Aftonringning, f. curfew-bell.

Aftonrodnad, f. redness at sunset, evening-red.

Aftonstjärna, f. evening-star, vesper.

Aftonsång, m. evening-service.

Aftonvard, m. nunchion.

Aftorka, v. a. to wipe off, to dry up.

Aftrumfa, v. a. to take by a trump.
Aftrumfa någon, to snap one up.

Aftryck, n. impression, stamp, copy, print.

Aftrycka, v. a. to impress, to imprint, to stamp.

Aftråna, v. n. to decline, to grow tired.

Afträda, v. n. & a. to retire, to with-draw, to resign.

Afträdande, n. giving up, abdication, surrendering.

Afträde, n. retreat, retirement; privy, necessary.
gifva en viss summa i Afträde, to pay a sum for giving a claim.

Aftunna, v. n. to thin.

Aftvinga, v. a. to extort, to force from.

Aftvå, Aftvätta, v. a. to wash away, off, out.

Aftvående, m. ablution.

Aftyna, v. n. to languish, to pine away, to decay, to dwindle.

Aftåg, n. departure, retreat.
blåsa till Aftåg, to sound the retreat.

Aftåga, v. n. to retreat, to march off.

Aftäcka, v. a. to uncover; to unroof.

Afund, m. envy, grudge.

Afunda, v. a., Afundas, v. d. to envy, to grudge, to repine (at).

Afundsfull, Afundsam, Afundsjuk, a. envious.

Afundsjuka, f. envy.

Afundsvärd, a. enviable.

Afvakta, v. a. to wait for, to attend.

Afvaktan, f. expectation, waiting.

Afveckla, v. a. to unfold, to unwind.

Afvel, m. breed; stock, stock of cattle, rearing.

Afvelbi, n. queen-bee.

a. prolific, fruitful.

Afvelsamhet, f. fecundity, fertility.

Afvelsgård, m. farm, tenement, dairy.

Afvelskaka, f. cake of wax.

Afvelspipa, f. cell in the beehive.

Afvelsto, n. mare.

Afvelsugga, f. farrow.

Afvenbok, f. hornbeam.

Afverka, v. a. to consume, to use, to employ.

Afverkning, f. consumption.

Afvexla, v. a. & n. to change, to alternate.

Afvig, a. inside out; averse, cross, wrong, surly, sullen, disinclined.
vända afvigt, to turn inside out.
afviga sidan, the reverse, the wrong side.
föra Afvig skold, to rise in opposition against lawful authority.

Afvighet, f. averseness, disaffection.

Afvika, v. n. to deviate, to digress, to stray, to go astray, to decline; to elope.
Afvika bladet, to make a dog's ear in a book.

Afvikelse, m. fold; deviation, anomaly.

Afvinda, v. a. to reel off, to unwind.

Afvisa, v. a. to turn off, to refuse.

Afvisare, m. corner-post; T. sponsom.

Afviska, v. a. to wipe off, to dust.

Afvita, a. mad, lunatic.

Afvittra, v. a. to portion.
Afvittra sina barn, to deliver up the patrimony of one's children.
Afvittra allmänningar, to divide, to part, to snare.

Afväg, m. byway, bypath; ill course.

Afväges, a. & ad. distant, far off, remote.

Afväga, v. a. to weigh, to poise.

Afvälta, v. a. to roll off.

Afvända, v. a. to avert, to turn aside; to detach; to parry.

Afvänja, v. a. to wean; to disuse.
nyss afvändt barn, weanel.

Afväpna, v. a. to disarm.

Afvärja, v. a. to keep off, to put by, to ward off, to avert.

Afyttra, v. a. to sell, to dispose of.

Afäta, v. a. to eat off.

Afösa, v. a. to scum, to scoop off.

Ag, m. bog-rush.

Aga, f. correction, castigation.

Aga, v. a. to chastise; (träd) to lop.

Agalös, a. licentious, loose.

Agat, m. agate.

Agent, m. agent, proctor.

Agentur, f. agency.

Agera, v. a. to act, to perform.

Agersilke, n. thorny poppy.

Agg, n. grudge, spite, rancour; pricking, sting.

Agga, v. a. to pain, to prick, to sting.

Agio, n. agio.

Agiotage, n. agiotage, stockjobbing.

Agiotera, v. n. to stockjob.

Agiotör, m. stockjobber.

Agn, n. bait.

Agn, f. husk, chaff.

Agnar, f. pl. chaff.

Agnborst, n. awn, arista.

Agraff, m. clasp.

Agronom, m. agriculturist.

Ah! i. ah! o! oh!

Aj! i. oh! oh dear!

Ajustera, v. a. to adjust, to put in order.

Akja, f. lappish sledge.

Akleja, f. columbine.

Akt, m. care, attention; intent, purpose; outlawry, ban; judicial act; act.
gifva Akt på något, to take notice of a thing.
taga tillfallet i Akt, to watch one's opportunity.
taga sig i Akt, to have a care.

Akta, v. a. to mind, to take care; to tend; to stick at; to esteem, to value, to respect, to regard.
ringa Akta en, to make nothing of one.
Akta sig, v. r. to be on one's care, to take care of one's self.

Aktning, f. esteem, respect, regard, deference.

Aktsam, a. attentive, mindful, heedful, careful.

Aktsamhet, f. carefulness.

Akter, m. stern.

Akter, av. abaft, astern.
skeppet som ligger Akter om oss, the ship riding astern of us.
sacka Akter ut, to drop astern.

Akterblysa, f. poop-lantern.

Akterdäck, n. poop.

Akterflagg, f. ensign.

Akterfördäck, n. quarterdeck.

Akterkanon, m. sternchase.

Akterkastell, n. poop.

Akterlast, f. hind-load.

Akterlucka, f. afterhatchway.

Akterom, prep. & ad. abaft, aft, astern.

Akterskarp, m. run; afterpeak.

Akterskepp, n. afterbody.

Akterspanter, f. pl. afterbody.

Akterspegel, m. square stern, sternage.

Akterstäf, m. sternpost, bodypost.

Aktertåg, n. sternfast.

Akterut, ad. abaft, astern.

Aktie, m. action, share, stock.

n. joint-stock-company.

Aktieteckning, f. stock-subscription.

Aktieägare, m. shareholder, actionist.

Aktor, m. accuser, impeacher, plaintiff.

Aktris, f. actress.

Aktuarie, m. recorder, actuary, clerk.

Aktör, m. actor, performer, stageplayer.

Al, f. alder.

Alabaster, m. alabaster.

Alarm, n. alarm, noise, din, tumult.
blåsa Alarm, to sound alarm.

Aldrig, ad. never, at no time.

Alf, m. tufa, subsoil; alf, elf.

Alfabet, n. alphabet.

Alfågel, m. longtailed duck.

Alka, m. puffin.

Alkali, n. alcali.

Alkalinsk, a. alcaline.

Alkof, m. alcove.

Alkufva, Alkutta, f. smelt.

All (allt, alla), a. all, every body, every one.
en gång för alla, once for all.
för all ting, by all means.
hans penningar äro alla, his money is gone.
tiden är all, the time is out.
allt ifrån min ungdom, from my youth up.

Allahanda, a. various, several.
Allahanda slag, all sorts.

Allaredan, ad. already.

Alldaglig, a. daily, every day; current.

Alldeles, ad. entirely, quite, wholly.

Alldenstund, ad. whereas, because, in as much.

Allena, ad. alone.

Allenast, ad. only, solely, merely, but, provided, purely.

Aller (allra, aldra), ad.
den Allra-högsta, the most high.
allernådigste, most gracious.

Allesamman, ad. altogether.

Allestädes, ad. every where.

Allfader, m. father of all.

Allfara-väg, m. great road, highway.

Allgemen, a. universal, general, common.

Allgod, a. all-good.

Allhelgonadag, m. All-Saints day.

Allkraft, Allmakt, f. omnipotence, almightiness.

Allmoge, m. peasantry, country-people.

Allmän, a. public, common, popular, vulgar, trivial.
allmänt möte, oecumenical council.
Allmän sjukdom, epidemical disease.
Allmän väg, highway.
det allmäna, the public.

Allmänhet, f. public.

Allmännelig, a. universal, general.

Allmänneligen, ad. universally, generally.

Allmänning, f. common.

Allrådande, a. arbitrary, omnipotent.

Alls, ad. at all.

Allseende, a. allseeing.

Allsköns, a. all manner, of every kind.

Allmäktig, Allsvåldig, a. omnipotent, almighty.

Allt, ad. visserligen, säkert; yet, nevertheless, for all that.
Allt efter som, according as.
Allt fort, continually.
Allt jemt, incessantly.
Allt härtills, all along till now.
Allt sedan, Allt ifrån, ever since.
Allt igenom, quite through, thoroughly.
Allt ihop, altogether.
Allt öfver, all over.
Allt för ett, perpetually, without intermission.

Alltför, ad. too.
Alltför mycket, too much.
Alltför stor, too big.

Alltid, ad. always, ever, perpetually.

Allting, n. every thing, universe.

Alltsammans, ad. altogether.

Alltså, ad. thus, so.

Alludera, v. n. to allude (to), to hint (to).

Allvar, n. earnest, seriousness.

Allvarlig, Allvarsam, a. grave, serious, earnest, sober.

Allvarsamhet, f. earnestness, seriousness, gravity.

Allvarsamt, ad. earnestly, seriously.

Allvetande, a. allknowing, omniscient.

Allvetenhet, f. omniscience.

Allvis, a. allwise.

Alm, f. elm, elmtree.

Almanack, f. almanach, calendar.

Almosa, f. alms, charity.

Almosehjon, n. almsman.

Almoseföreståndare, m. almoner.

Aln, f. ell, yard.

Alntals, ad. by the ell.

Alrun, m. Alruna, f. mandrake.

Alster, m. spindle-tree.

Alster, n. breed, offspring, production.

Alstra, v. a. to breed, to produce.

Alt, m. alto, counter-tenor.

Altfiol, m. bassviol with four strings.

Altist, m. counter-tenor.

Altröst, Altstämma, f. second tenor.

Altan, m. balcony, terrace.

Altare, n. altar.
Altarets sakrament, the Lord's supper.

Altaredisk, m. communion-table.

Altareduk, m. altar-cloth.

Altaregods, n. altarage.

Altaregång, m. communion.

Altarepenningar, pl. altarage.

Alteration, f. consternation, amazement.

Altéört, f. marsh-mallow.

Altita, f. wine-tapper, longtailed titmouse.

Alun, m. alum.

Alunaktig, Alunartad, Alunblandad, Alunhaltig, a. aluminous.

Alunbrott, n. alumpit.

Alunvatten, n. alum-water.

Alvarsten, m. limestone of Öland.

Amalgamera, v. a. T. to amalgamate.

Amarant, f. amaranth.

Amason, f. amazon.

Amb, m. ambe, two numbers.

Ambassad, m. ambassy.

Ambassadör, m. ambassador.

Ambra, f. ambergris.

Ametist, m. amethyst.

Amiant, m. amianth, asbestos.

Amiral, m. admiral.

Amiralitet, n. admiralty.

Amiralskepp, n. admiral's ship.

Amma, f. nurse.

Amma, v. a. to nurse.

Amper, a. bitter, sharp.

Amperhet, f. bitterness, sharpness.

Amt, n. county; bailiwic.

Amtman, m. bailif.

Amtmanskap, n. bailiwic, jurisdiction of a bailif.

Amur, m. millet-grass.

An, ad. det gick ej An, it did not take effect.
det går aldrig An, it will never do.
det går An, so so, pretty well.
han är illa der An, he is but ill off.
af och An, to and fro.

Ana, v. a. to foreknow, to forebode.

Aning, f. foreboding, abodement, gaingiving.

Ananas, m. ananas, pine-apple.

Anatom, m. anatomist.

Anatomi, f. anatomy, dissection.

Anatomisera, v. a. to anatomize, to dissect.

Anatomisk, a. anatomical.

Anbefalla, v. a. to recommend, to charge one with, to commit.

Anbelanga, v. n. to concern.

Anblick, m. look, view, aspect, sight.

Anboren, a. inborn, innate, native.

Anbringa, v. a. to bring in, to place, to apply to.

Anbud, n. offer, proffer.

Anciennitet, f. seniority, eldership.

And, f. wild duck.

Anddrake, m. drake, mallard.

Andmat, m. duckweed.

Andunge, m. duckling.

And, f. harvest.

Andetid, m. harvesttime.

Anda (Ande), m. (andedrägt) breath, gasp.

Andas, v. d. to breathe, to respire, to gasp.

Andedrag, n. aspiration.

Andedrägt, m. respiration.

Andelös, a. lifeless.

Andfått, Andlös, a. breathless.

Andhål, n. breathing-hole, vent-hole, spiracle.

Andrum, n. breathing-time, respite; pause.

Andtag, n. breath, gasp.

Andtruten, a. out of breath.

Andtäppa, f. shortness ot breath, asthma.

Andtäpt, a. asthmatic.

Andakt, m. devotion.

Andaktsöfningar, pl. religious exercises.

Ande, m. ghost, spirit; spright, mind; zeal, ecstasy, inspiration.
den helige Ande, the holy Ghost.

Andelig, andlig, a. spiritual, ghostly; immaterial; ecclesiastical; religious.
Andea ståndet, the clergy.

Anderik, a. ingenious, spirited, witty.

Andeskådare, m. visionary.

Andesyn, f. vision.

Andel, m. portion, share, lot.

Andorn, m. horehound.

Andra, a. other, next, second; opposite.

Andraga, v. a. to allege, to assign.
Andraga klagomål emot en, to prefer one's complaints against one.

Andragande, n. quotation; allegation.

Andryg, a. birth-proud.

Andäktig, a. devout, devotional.

Anfall, n. onset, attack, assault, fit, charge.

Anfalla, v. a. to attack, to charge.

Anfallskrig, n. offensive war.

Anfallsvinkel, m. angle of incidence.

Anfallsvis, ad. offensively.

Anfordran, f. demand.
vid Anfordran, upon demand.

Anfukta, v. a. to moisten, to wet.

Anfäkta, v. a. to plague, to pester.
Anfäkta sig, v. r. to gesticulate, to bustle.

Anfäktning, f. affliction, vexation.

Anföra, v. a. to conduct, to command.
to guide; to allege, to quote, to relate.

Anförande, n. conduct, guidance; allegation.

Anförare, m. leader; chief, commander, captain.

Anföringstecken, n. sign of quotation.

Anförtro, v. a. to trust, to intrust with, to commit.

Anförtrodd, a. trusted.
Anförtrodd syssla, trust.

Anförvandt, m. & f. relation, kinsman, kinswoman.

Anförvandter, pl. kinsfolk.

Angel, m. angle.

Angelägen, a. important, of consequence, of moment; solicitous (about, for).

Angelägenhet, f. importance, concern.
det är ingen stor Angelägenhet, it is no great matter.

Angenäm, a. agreeable, pleasant, delightful, welcome.

Angifva, v. a. to design, to give notice, to denounce, to inform against, to enter.
Angifva en ton, to set the tune, to intone.

Angifvande, n. design, denunciation, intonation, information.

Angifvare, m. informer, denouncer.

Angrepp, n. grasp, attack, assault.

Angripa, v. a. to attack, to charge, to fall upon, to weaken, to debilitate, to corrode.
Angripa en sak, to take a matter in hand.

Angripare, m. assulter, attacker, aggressor.

Angränsande, a. adjoining, contiguous, bordering upon, adjacent.

Angränsande, a. confinement, neigbourhood.

Angå, v. n. to concern, to relate, to respect, to belong, to touch.
det angår mig icke, it is none of my concern.
hvad mig angår, as for me, as to me.

Angående, part. & prp. touching, relating, concerning.

Anhang, n. party, agents, adherents, band, gang.

Anhålla, v. a. to detain, to stop; to arrest; to solicit, to beseech, to entreat, to sue, so ask.

Anhållan, f. petition, suit, entreating.

Anhängare, m. adherent, follower.

Anhängig, a. pending (in court).

Anhörig, a. kindred, cognate.

Anhörig, s. relation, kinsman.

Animera, v. a. to animate.

Anis, m. anise.

Anka, f. duck.

Ankbonde, m. drake.

Ankar, Ankare, n. anchor.
Ankar i murar, cramp-iron.
gå till ankars, to come at an anchor.
ligga för Ankar, to ride, to lie at anchor.
ankaret draggar med, the anchor comes home.

Ankararm, m. arm of an anchor.

Ankarblad, n. flook.

Ankarboj, m. buoy.

Ankarbotten, m. anchor-ground.

Ankarbult, m. capstan.

Ankardyna, f. billboard.

Ankarfly, n. flook, palm.

Ankargrund, m. anchor-ground, anchor-hold.

Ankarhake, m. nut of an anchor.

Ankarkors, n. crown of an anchor.

Ankarkrona, f. stock of the anchor.

Ankarkula, f. fireball.

Ankarlina, f. cable.

Ankarlägg, m. shank of an anchor.

Ankarlös, a. unmoored.

Ankarpenningar, pl. anchorage.

Ankarpynt, m. bill.

Ankarröring, m. puddening.

Ankarsko, m. shoe of an anchor.

Ankarspel, n. capstan, capstern.

Ankarstek, m. clinch.

Ankarstock, m. anchor-stock; ammunition-bread.

Ankarställe, n. anchorage.

Ankartåg, n. cable.

Ankare, m. (ett våtvarumått) anchor, firkin.

Ankra, v. n. to anchor, to moor.

Anklaga, v. a. to accuse (of, for); to impeach, to arraign.

Anklagan, Anklagelse, m. accusation, impeachment, arraignment.

Anklagare, m. accuser, impeacher.

Anklang, m. tune; sympathy, approbation.

Anknyta, v. a. to connect.

Ankomma, v. n. to arrive; to concern; to depend on; to be drunk; to rot, to corrupt.

Ankommen, a. arrived; (om matvaror) tainted.

Ankomst, m. arrival.
vid dagens Ankomst, with daybreak.

Anlag, n. disposition; talent.

Anleda, v. a. to guide, to direct, to instruct.

Anledning, f. hint, occasion; reason, ground.

Anlete, n. face, countenance, visage.
i sitt anletes svett, with the sweet of his brows.

Anletsdrag, n. lineament, feature.

Anlita, v. a. to solicit.

Anlopp, n. run, onset, assault.

Anlupen, a. tarnished; dull; corroded; mouldy.

Anlägga, v. a. to lay, to plan, to scheme, to concert, to contrive, to design, to devise; to establish, to build, to found; to lay out; to put on.

Anläggare, m. founder, contriver.

Anläggning, f. plot, design, scheme, contrivance, establishment, foundation.
hemlig Anläggning, cabal, intrigue.

Anlända, v. n. to land, to come to shore, to arrive.

Anländande, n. arrival.

Anlöpa, v. n. to enter, to arrive; to lose the brightness, to rust, to tarnish, to grow blue; to blue, to rust.

Anmana, v. a. to summon, to admonish.

Anmaning, f. challenge, exhortation, admonition.

Anmoda, v. a. to request, to desire, to ask, to solicit.

Anmodan, f. request, desire, solicitation.

Anmäla, v. a. to announce; to usher in, to give in; to remember; to present; to introduce.

Anmälan, f. announcement, introduction, presentation.

Anmärka, v. a. to observe, to remark, to note, to take notice.

Anmärkning, f. observation, remark.
göra Anmärkning vid, to takt notice of.

Anmärkningsvärd, a. remarkable.

Annaler, m. pl. annals, chronicle.

Annalkande, a. approaching.

Annalkande, n. approach, approximation.

Annamma, v. a. to receive, to take.

Annammelse, m. reception.
Guds mandoms Annammelse, the incarnation of God.

Annan, a. (annat, pl. andra), other.
en Annan, another.
ingen Annan, no other, nobody else.
en Annan gång, another time.
en eller Annan, somebody or other.
hvar Annan dag, every other day.
älska hvarannan, to love one another.
detta är ej annat än, this is at best but, no more than, nothing better than.

Annandagsfeber, m. tertian-feber.

Annars, ad. otherwise, else.

Annektera, v. a. to annex.

Annex, n. chapel of ease.

Annons, m. advertisement.

Annonsera, v. a. to advertise.

Annor, ad. other.

Annorledes, Annorlunda, ad. otherwise.

Annorstädes, ad. elsewhere.
Annorstädes ifrån, from another place.
någon Annorstädes, somewhere else.
ingen Annorstädes, nowhere else.

Anor, f. pl. ancestry, descents.

Anordna, v. a. to order, to arrange, to regulate, to assign.

Anordnare, m. arranger, assigner.

Anordning, f. arrangement, disposition, order.

Anorganisk, a. inorganic.

Anqvicka, v. a. to amalgamate.

Anrop, n. call, calling.

Anropa, v. a. to invoke, to implore.

Anrycka, v. n. to come on, to advance.

Anrätta, v. a. to prepare, to dispose; to dress.

Anrättning, f. course, service.

Anröra, v. a. to touch.

Ans, m. attendance, care, looking after.

Ansa, v. a. to look after, to dress, to nurse.

Ansats, m. onset, disposition.

Ansatt, a. oppressed; afflicted.

Anse, v. a. to regard, to respect, to look upon, to take.

Ansedd, part. regarded, respected, creditable, of note.

Anseende, n. bearance, sight, appearance; account, reputation, credit; respect, regard.
Anseende till personen, respect of persons.
efter allt Anseende, seemingly.
i Anseende till, in regard of, by reason of, in consideration of.

Ansenlig, a. considerable, conspicuous, eminent, notable.

Ansenligen, Ansenligt, ad. considerably, largely.

Ansigte, n. face, countenance, visage.

Ansigtsdrag, n. feature.

Ansigtsfärg, m. complexion.

Ansigtsställning, f. physiognomy.

Ansjovis, m. anchovy.

Anskaffa, v. a. to procure, to get, to provide, to purvey.

Anskaffande, n. purveyance.

Anskaffare, m. ingrosser.

Anskjuta, v. n. to crystallize, to heal.

Anskri, n. outcry, scream, cry.

Anskrifven, a. credited, discredited; accounted.

Anslag, n. project, measures; placard, affix.
Anslag på en bössa, butt-end.

Anslå, v. a. to post up; to grant, to allot, to appropriate, to settle, to destinate; to tax, to rate.

Ansols, ad. against the sun.

Anspann, n. putting to, set of horses.

Anspela, v. n. to allude (to).

Anspråk, n. challenge, claim, pretension.

Anspråksfull, a. pretending, assuming.

Anspråkslös, a. unassuming.

Anstalt, m. disposition, order, preparation, arrangement, measures.

Anstalta, v. a. to order, to regulate, to dispose, to adjust.

Ansticka, v. a. to taint, to infect.

Anstifta, v. a. to devise, to contrive, to machinate, to raise.

Anstiftan, f. device, contrivance.

Anstiftare, m. deviser, contriver.

Anstryka, v. a. to colour, to paint,

Anstränga, v. a. to strain, to fatigue.

Ansträngning, f. effort, straining.

Anstå, v. n. to become, to befit, to beseem, to suit, to please; to put off for a while.

Anstånd, n. respite, delay, put off, indulgence.
utan Anstånd, without delay.

Anståndsbref, n. letter of respite.

Anställa, v. a. to order, to arrange; to place, to employ.
Anställa försök, to make experiments.

Anständig, a. decent, becoming, suitable, fitting, proper.

Anständighet, f. decency, decorum.

Anständigt, ad. decently.

Anstöt, m. fit, touch.

Anstöta, v. a. to thrust against, to offend against.

Anstötlig, a. scandalous, offensive.

Anstötlighet, f. outrage, impropriety.

Ansvar, n. answerableness, accountability, trust.
ställa till Ansvar, to call to account.
stå till Ansvar, to be accountable.

Ansvara, v. n. to answer (for), to account (for).

Ansvarig, a. answerable, responsible, accountable.

Ansvarighet, f. answerableness.

Ansätta, v. a. to set upon, to charge, to attack, to engage.
blifva ansatt af en häftig sjukdom, to be taken with a violent distemper.

Ansöka, v. a. to beseech, to sue for, to solicit.

Ansökan, Ansökning, f. address, suit, petition, request.

Antaga, v. a. to receive, to accept, to assume, to adopt, to embrace, to take up; to admit of, to suppose.

Antagande, n. Antagning, f. reception, supposition, acceptation, adoption.

Antaglig, a. acceptable, admissible.

Antal, n. number, quantity.
ett ringa Antal, a few.

Antasta, v. a. to assail, to set upon.

Anteckna, v. a. to note, to set down, to minute down.

Anteckning, f. annotation, note.

Antedatera, v. a. antedate.

Antingen, c. whether, either.
Antingen eller whether – or, either – or.

Antipati, f. aversion, antipathy.

Antiqvarie, m. antiquary; second-hand bookseller.

Anträda, v. a. to enter upon.

Anträde, n. accession.

Anträffa, v. a. to meet with.

Antvarda, v. a. to commit, to deliver in trust.

Antyda, v. a. to signify, to make known.

Antåg, n. marching on.

Antåga, v. n. to approach, to move onward.

Antända, v. a. to light, to set on fire, to kindle, to inflame.

Antändlig, a. inflammable.

Antändning, f. lighting, inflammation.

Anvisa, v. a. to assign, to direct; to instruct, to indicate.

Anvisning, f. assignment, direction, instruction.

Anvuxen, a. hidebound, sinewshrunk.

Använda, v. a. to bestow, to employ, to apply, to use.
Använda all sin flit, to do one's best.
illa Använda, to misemploy.
Använda alla sina krafter, to work every nerve.

Användbar, a. appliable, practicable.

Användning, f. employment, application.

Anvärfning, f. levy.

Anvärfva, v. a. to levy.

Apa, f. ape, monkey.

Apaktig, a. apish.

Aperi, n. mockery.

Apel, m. apple-tree.

Apelgrå, Apelkastad, a. dapple-grey.

Apelsin, m. sweet orange.

Apostel, m. apostle.

Apostla-embete, n. apostleship.

Apostla-gerningarne, pl. acts of the Apostles.

Apostolisk, a. apostolical.

Apotek, n. apothecary's shop.

Apotekare, m. apothecary, pharmocopolist.

Apotekarekonst, f. pharmacology.

Appell, m. appeal; call.

Appellera, v. n. to appeal.

Appetit, m. appetite, stomach.

Appetitlig, a. delicate, inviting, appetible.

Applicera, v. a. to apply; to transfer.

Applåd, m. applause.

Apportera, v. a. to fetch, to bring.

Appretera, v. a. to prepare, to dress.

Aprikos, m. apricot, apricock.

April, m. April.

Arbeta, v. a. & n. to work, to labour, to toil; to drudge, to trouble; to fret.
Arbeta af, to clear by working.
Arbeta emot, to oppose, to contrary.
Arbeta ihop, to heap by working; to knead.
Arbeta i ell. på, to work on (at).
Arbeta sig till, to get by working.
Arbeta sig igenom ell. ut, to work one's self off.
Arbeta sig upp, to work upwards.
Arbeta upp sig, to work one's self up.
Arbeta undan, to work away.
Arbeta ut sig, to enervate one's self.

Arbetad, a. wrought.
Arbetad silver, wrought silver.
Arbetad silke, manufactured silk.

Arbetare, m. workman, worker.

Arbete, n. work, performance, task, labour; fermentation, fret.

Arbeterska, f. workwoman.

Arbetsam, a. laborious, industrious.

Arbetsbi, n. working-bee.

Arbetsdag, m. working-day.

Arbetsfolk, n. labouring people.

Arbetsgifvare, m. employer.

Arbetshjon, n. journey-man.

Arbetshus, n. workhouse.

Arbetshäst, m. dray-horse.

Arbetskarl, m. labourer, journey-man.

Arbetslön, f. wages, pay.

Area, f. surface, area.

Arf, n. inheritance, heirdom, patrimony.

Arfadel, m. hereditary nobility.

Arffiende, m. hereditary enemy.

Arffurste, m. hereditary prince.

Arfföljd, m. succession.

Arfförening, f. agreement concerning a succession.

Arfförlikning, f. agreement respecting claims of inheritance.

Arfförpaktning, f. feefarm.

Arfförskrifning, f. legacy.

Arfgods, n. Arfjord, f. hereditary estate.

Arfgrift, m. hereditary sepulchre.

Arflän, n. hereditary fief.

Arflös, a. disinherited.
göra Arflös, to disinherit.

Arfrike, n. hereditary kingdom.

Arfränta, f. quitrent.

Arfskifte, n. division of patrimony.

Arfsynd, n. original sin.

Arftägt, m. appropriation of an inheritance.

Arfvinge, m. heir, inheritor.

Arfvinge, f. heiress, inheritrix.

Arfvode, m. fee.

Arg, a. angry, passionate, bitter, shrewd vehement.

Arghet, f. malice, knavery.

Arglistig, a. crafty, cunning.

Arglistighet, Arglist, f. craftiness, knavery.

Argsint, a. wrathful, testy.

Argt, ad. maliciously, craftily; vehemently.

Argumentera, v. n. to argue.

Aria, f. air, aria.

Ark, m. arch.

Ark, n. sheet.

Arktals, ad. sheet by sheet.

Arkebusera, v. a. to execute by shooting.

Arkeolog, m. archaeologian.

Arkitekt, m. architect.

Arkiv, n. office of records, archives.

Arkivarie, m. recorder.

Arkli, n. gun-room.

Arklimästare, m. quartergunner.

Arla, a. & ad. early in the morning.

Arlaregn, n. morning-rain.

Arm, a. poor, indigent, necessitous.

Armling, m. a poor fellow.

Armod, n. poverty, poorness.

Arm, m. arm, branch.

Armband, n. bracelet.

Armbost, n. crossbow.

Armbåge, m. elbow.

Armhål, m. armhole.

Armknapp, m. slevebutton.

Armlinning, f. wristband.

Armpipa, f. armbone.

Armspjäll, n. gusset.

Armstark, Armstyf, a. strong in the arms.

Armstol, m. armchair.

Armé, f. army.

Arméra, v. a. to arm.

Arméring, f. armature.

Aronsört, f. cuckoo-pintle.

Arrendator, m. farmer, tenant.

Arrende, n. farm-rent.

Arrendeafgift, m. farm-rent.

Arrendehemman, n. farm.

Arrendera, v. a. to farm, to hire, to take in lease, to take to farm.
Arrendera bort, to farm out, to give to farm, to lease out, to let by lease.

Arrest, m. prison, arrest, imprisonment, confinement; embargo.

Arrestant, m. prisoner.

Arrestera, v. a. to arrest, to imprison.

Arriergarde, n. rearguard, rear.

Ars, m. arse, breech, backside.

Arsenik, m. arsenic.

Arsenikhaltig, a. arsenical.

Art, f. sort, kind, race, fashion, manner, nature, quality; genius.
han är ej rätta arten, he is not of a right kidney.
Arta sig, v. r., Artas, v. d. to turn, to resemble, to look like.

Artad, a. väl Artad, towardly, wellprincipled.

Artig, a. polite, courteous; clever, quaint, pleasant.

Artighet, f. address, politeness, pleasantness.

Artigt, ad. courteously, featly, cleverly.

Artikel, m. article; head; clause.

Artilleri, n. artillery.

Artillerigård, m. artillery-yard.

Artillerikonst, f. gunnery.

Artillerist, m. artillerist, gunner.

As, n. carrion, carcass; idle drown.

Asstekel, m. ichneumon-wasp.

Asa, v. a. to slide down.

Ask, m. box.

Ask, f. ash, ashtree.

Askfrö, n. ashkeys.

Aska, f. ash, ashes.

Askblåsare, m. ashdrawer, tourmaline.

Askkaka, f. potcake.

Askmörja, f. embers.

Askonsdag, m. ashwednesday.

Askört, f. fleawort, ragwort.

Asp, m. finscale (a kind of carp).

Asp, f. aspentree.

Assekurans, m. ensurance.

Assekuranskkontor, n. ensurance-office.

Assekurera, assurera, v. a. to ensure.

Assisrätt, m. court of assizes.

Assistanskontor, n. lombard, public pawning-house.

Asyl, m. asylum, refuge.

Atramentsten, m. inkstone.

Att, nota inf. to.

Att, c. that.
för Att icke, lest.

Attest, m. certificate, testimony, attest, attestation.

Attestera, v. a. to attest, to certify.

Auditorium, n. auditory, lecture-room.

Auditör, m. judge of a regiment.

Augusti, m. August, the month of August.

Augustisnäppa, f. grey sandpiper.

Auktion, f. auction, public sale.

Auktionera, v. a. to auction, to sell by auction.

Auktionist, m. auctionist.

Auktor, Autor, m. author, writer.

Auskultant, m. assistant.

Avancera, v. n. to advance, to go forward.

Averi, n. average.

Avis, m. advice.

Avisjakt, m. Avisskepp, n. cutter, advice-boat.

Avisa, f. gazette, news-paper.

Ax, n. ear, spike; bit (of a key).
gå i Ax, to shoot into ears.
plocka Ax, to glean.

Axplockare, m. gleaner.

Axtåtel, m. bulrush.

Axel, m. shoulder.
gevär på Axel, shoulder your musket.
se en öfver Axel, to look down upon one with scorn.
draga på axlarne, to shrug.

Axelband, n. shoulder-knot.

Axelben, Axelblad, n. shoulder-bone.

Axelbred, a. broad-shouldered.

Axel, m. axle, axletree; axis.

Axelpinne, m. axlepin.

Axelskena, f. splint of the axletree.

Axla, v. a. to shoulder.
Axla sig, to shrug.

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