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Tema Greenland

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Tema Greenland

map from Nordisk familjebok

Texts about Greenland, its people and the Greenlandic language.

Greenland was discovered and colonized in 982 AD by Erik the Red, exiled from Iceland, and later recolonized in 1721 by Hans Egede, a Danish-Norwegian missionary. He went there to preach among descendants of the first Scandinavian settlers, but instead he found Eskimos, who now populated the coasts.

The Greenlandic (Eskimo) language was first documented in writing in 1750 by Danish missionary Poul Egede (son of Hans). The orthography was reformed in 1851 by Samuel Kleinschmidt (introducing the letter ĸ, »kra»), and then again in 1973 (introducing q).

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